A twin ottoman bed, open on one side to show the storage space beneath. Read our article where we ask are ottoman beds good for your sleep and home?

Are Ottoman Beds Good, and Should I Get One?

Are Ottoman beds good, and should I get one? Storage space is something we are all often short on at...

A woman sitting up in bed with low back pain. Finding the right pregnancy sleeping positions can help you sleep comfortably right the way through your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Sleeping Positions – Which is Safest?

Pregnancy sleeping positions: How to sleep safely and comfortably while pregnant Sleeping comfortably while pregnant can be difficult, yet it’s...

A woman lying on her side in bed, which may not be the best sleeping posture for shoulder pain.

Sleeping Posture for Shoulder Pain

What is the best sleeping posture for shoulder pain? Shoulder pain can be tough to shake off, and it can...

An adjustable bed with a solid base. Understanding the difference between a sprung slat vs solid slat bed can help you find the right bed for you.

Sprung slat vs solid slat

Sprung slat vs solid slat – Which is best for my bed? Your bed frame is more important to the...

An adjustable divan ottoman bed with underbed storage.

What is a Divan Bed?

What is a divan bed, and should you consider getting one? Your bed frame is the focal point of your...

Two twin beds next two each other.

What is a twin bed?

What is a twin bed? Twin beds, often called a single bed, can be the perfect size bed for smaller...

Woman lying on an adjustable bed base.

Discover How Adjustable Bed Bases Work

How does an adjustable bed base work? An adjustable bed base is powered by motors at joints along the base...

A vacuum being used on a mattress to keep it fresh.

How to freshen up a mattress

How to freshen up a mattress The best way to clean a mattress is with regular light cleaning to keep...

Man sleeping on his side.

How much deep sleep do we need?

How much deep sleep do we need? Deep sleep is one of the key stages of sleep, and it’s possibly...

A couple sleeping comfortably in bed.

Who is an adjustable bed suitable for

There's a wide range of adjustable beds to choose from. Find out what they offer, to help you to decide...

Adjustable bed vs a regular bed – the benefits

We’ve compared the benefits of adjustable beds vs regular beds below to ensure you have all the information you need.

Are adjustable beds good for sleep apnoea?

Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is a relatively common condition in which the muscles in the throat collapse, causing a complete...


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