What is a twin bed?

Twin beds, often called a single bed, can be the perfect size bed for smaller rooms and single adults too. They are popular for children, teens, and in hotel settings where they can be combined with another twin bed to make one larger bed. So, what is a twin bed and how could it help improve your sleep?

What’s a twin bed and how are they different from single and double beds?

A twin bed is the smallest adult mattress size, used in many countries to describe a single bed. This means a twin bed is the same size as a UK single bed, and despite its name, a twin bed is only suitable for one person. 

What’s the size of a twin bed?

A twin mattress is 90 cm wide and 190 cm long (3ft x 6ft 3”), which makes a twin bed a good space-saving option for people living in smaller homes or flats. 

Why should you pay more attention to a twin XL?

If a twin bed is right for you in every way other than the length, then a twin XL could be the solution you’ve been looking for. A twin XL is the same width as a standard twin bed (90 cm or 3ft), but longer: 203 cm (6ft 8”). You may also come across a Euro single at some manufacturers. A euro single is essentially the same size as a twin XL, measuring 90 cm x 200 cm.

A standard twin bed is best suited for adults under 5ft 5” tall. This makes a twin XL ideal for those who may find a standard twin bed too short, but who prefer a twin bed to a double. A twin XL can also be combined to make a split super king size bed (180 cm x 200 cm), which gives each adult plenty of space while being able to make independent mattress choices. 

How is a twin bed different from a single bed?

There is no difference in size between a standard twin bed and a single bed – both are 90 cm wide and 190 cm long (3 ft x 6ft 3”). 

How is a twin bed different from a double bed?

A double bed is 45 cm (18”) wider than a twin bed, measuring 135 cm x 190 cm (4ft 6” x 6ft 3”).

Why buy a twin bed?

There are a few reasons why a twin bed might be the perfect size for you, including:

  1. They’re cheaper than a larger bed. At half the size of a king bed, twin beds are typically cheaper than larger beds, and so can be a good option for guest rooms and those on a budget.
  2. You need a different mattress for your partner. If you can’t agree on an adjustable mattress with your other half, then choosing two twin beds or a dual bed can be a great way to sleep well together.
  3. They make the most of the available space. The size of the average UK master bedroom has shrunk by 1.3 sq. m (14 sq. ft) since the 1970s, putting space at a premium. A twin bed gives a lone adult a good amount of space while leaving room for other furniture in the bedroom, such as a bedside table. 
  4. They’re the easiest adult bed to bring into your home – no need to worry about manoeuvring a large bed through your front door! 
  5. They’re ideal for children who’ve outgrown their cot bed, up to teens. For taller teens or adults, a twin XL will provide a little bit of extra room to get comfortable.

What makes an adjustable twin bed special?

Adjustable beds alleviate pain and can significantly improve your quality of sleep. Choosing two adjustable twin beds over one larger bed allows you to operate the two beds separately to find the right sleeping position for you, while still being able to sleep in the same room as your other half. You can push the two beds together, or even opt for a split bed if you want to be closer – where one bed contains two halves that can be controlled independently. Adjustamatic twin beds come as 6ft 6” as standard – equivalent to a twin XL, giving you more room to get a good night’s sleep. Because Adjustamatic beds are tailor-made for you, you can also opt for the short 6ft 3” twin if you don’t need the extra legroom.

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