How does an adjustable bed base work?

An adjustable bed base is powered by motors at joints along the base that give it its ability to lift, recline and contour to whatever position you choose, helping you find the perfect position for relaxation and sleep. 

Find out more about how an adjustable bed base works and discover how it can transform the way you sleep.

What is an adjustable bed base?

While a non-adjustable bed offers choices in size, firmness, and coil, foam or hybrid construction, an adjustable bed base gives you the added choice of a variety of sleeping positions depending on how you feel that night. When researching a new bed, the bed base is a perfect place to start to make lasting improvements to your sleeping posture, comfort and quality of sleep.

How do adjustable bed bases work?

Adjustable bed bases are made up of sections, which are moved by motors that can rotate to manoeuvre the different sections of the bed base and create the shape you want your bed to take on. There are a wide variety of adjustable bed bases available, which can have different numbers of joints and motors in a variety of locations on the bed base.

Some adjustable bed bases have one joint, which allows you to raise the head end of the bed, making them suitable for sleeping or relaxing. These are sometimes called ‘lifestyle’ adjustable beds. Other, more advanced models, have multiple joints along the bed base and offer a wider range of positions. The joints are found where your body naturally bends, such as the hips and the knees, to help support you in a healthy sleeping position. For example, you can raise your feet and knees, which can be beneficial for people with certain circulatory conditions, or your head – or both! Adjustable bed bases can often also raise up or down as one unit, lowering the bed closer to the floor to make it easier to get into bed.

How does the Adjustamatic bed base work? 

Adjustamatic bed bases are handcrafted to improve the quality of your sleep, using high quality motors for reliable durability and flawless performance. The motors are positioned where the body naturally bends to allow you to sleep in zero-gravity comfort. For example, the Heritage range of adjustable beds have multiple motors, so they can adjust to an infinite number of positions.

Adjustamatic beds come with either a solid or slatted bed base. A slatted bed base is made of planks of wood, mounted across a frame to create the bed base. A solid adjustable bed base is made of a stronger single piece of wood, which is jointed to allow the bed to bend and move. Solid bed bases can also be divans – made of springs mounted to a wooden frame, but these are not normally used for adjustable beds because an adjustable mattress provides the support needed.

How to control your adjustable bed base

Adjustable bed bases can be controlled with either a wired or wireless remote that lets you choose the position of your bed. Some models allow you to save positions to the controller, so you can save time when selecting your favourite positions. Using your controller, your adjustable bed can take on many different positions. An adjustable bed generally offers three main positions: a raised head, raised feet, or both raised together.

Sleeping in a ‘neutral’ posture is best, where the spine is held in its natural S-curve shape. This can help alleviate pain and provides the best support for your spine while you sleep. There are a range of positions you can adopt that hold you in this neutral spine posture. They include:

The foetus—on your side, curled up. 

This position is best if you sleep on a standard, non-adjustable bed, but it’s not the only good sleeping posture you can choose from. 

Fowler’s positions

Referred to as Fowler’s positions, these positions have differing degrees of back and leg height and angle, called ‘standard’, ‘low’, ‘semi-high’, and ‘high’ positions. They can help reduce pressure on the spine and strain on the muscles, improve breathing and help with fluid drainage. For example, the ‘semi-high’ position is a semi-upright position with the head of the bed raised to 30 to 45 degrees, with the knees bent or straight. Adjustable beds make sleeping in these positions effortless.

lllustration of an adjustable bed, posed with top of mattress raised, then top and bottom of mattress raised, followed by just the bottom of the mattress raised.

Adjusting your bed into these soft contour positions will let you sleep in a healthy and comfortable neutral spine position, helping to tackle pain and improve your sleep.

Do you need a specific mattress for your adjustable bed base?

Your mattress needs to be both flexible and durable enough to withstand the movement of your adjustable bed. Standard mattresses are not designed for this task and using them with an adjustable bed base can shorten their lifespan and leave you with an uncomfortable mattress. Sprung mattresses are not flexible enough to cope with an adjustable bed base. Your mattress should bend with the bed as it moves and return easily to its flat position. Specialised adjustable bed mattresses are therefore ideal, being more flexible and supportive than standard mattresses. 

How to put an adjustable base in a bed frame

If you would like to put your adjustable bed base in a separate bed frame, contact the manufacturer of your bed base for advice. This will ensure you select a frame that is compatible with your bed. Some frames, such as platform beds, may be difficult to use with an adjustable bed base as it can allow the bed to slide around as it moves. All Adjustamatic bed bases come with a bed frame already attached, making using your bed simple and hassle-free.

Buy the right adjustable bed for you 

An adjustable bed is a custom-made piece of furniture that should be tailored to meet your needs. 

Browse our adjustable bed buying guide to find out more about how to purchase the right adjustable bed base for you. 

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