Adjustable Beds

Whether you’re looking to have better control over your sleeping position, or just a way to make getting in and out of bed that bit easier, all of our adjustable beds are custom-made to provide the help and comfort you’ve been looking for.

All Adjustable Beds

By elevating and contouring at the touch of a button, adjustable beds make it easy to find the perfect sleeping position for you. We combine state-of-the-art technology and the finest British materials to build bespoke adjustable orthopedic beds and mattresses for adjustable beds that prioritise your comfort. Every bed we create is handcrafted to enable you to enjoy the great sleep you deserve.

Why should you choose an adjustable bed?

Adjustable electric beds can move to a range of sitting and lying positions to give you a better night’s sleep. By helping you to find a more comfortable sleeping position, our recliner beds can help relieve back pain, sciatica and arthritis. They are also the perfect mobility bed to help people maintain their independence by making it easier to get in and out of bed. They can even help manage circulatory conditions by allowing you to sleep with your legs or upper body raised – or both.

Our beds come in a wide variety of sizes and comfort levels to suit your needs. Choose from single, double, queen, king, and dual size beds, also available in a range of lengths. 

Single beds

Our single adjustable beds are the perfect size for enjoying entirely to yourself, helping you to sleep undisturbed and wake up feeling refreshed.

Double beds

Ideal for couples who want to fit their adjustable bed into a modern home, our double adjustable beds give you the space to get comfortable without sacrificing intimacy.

Queen size beds

Our queen size adjustable beds have plenty of space for both you and your partner to sleep undisturbed, while still fitting comfortably into most bedrooms.

King size beds

Give yourself enough room to stretch out and get comfortable: our king size adjustable beds are perfect if you need a bit more space to sleep well.

Dual beds

Choosing the perfect bed as a couple can be tricky. Our dual/ split beds make it easy for you both to get the great night’s sleep you deserve. Also called twin adjustable beds, their two sides move independently and can have different firmness levels, so you can both get a perfect night’s sleep.

Not sure what type of adjustable bed is best for you? Read our Adjustable Bed Buying Guide or Get in Touch to find out more.

It’s important to us that you feel confident you are choosing a product that’s right for you and your home. That’s why we offer a free consultation with one of our expert advisors to let you try a bed in the comfort of your own home.

Our interest in your comfort continues long after you’ve received your adjustable bed too. Because we know that pain and discomfort don’t go away overnight, we also offer an optional home visit every 2 years with any bed or chair you purchase to see how you’re getting on. It’s completely free too.