Are Ottoman beds good, and should I get one?

Storage space is something we are all often short on at home. If you work from home, perhaps in a bedroom-come-office, then your space has to work twice as hard to feel functional as well as comfortable. An ottoman bed could be just the solution.

What is an Ottoman bed?

The answer to what is an ottoman bed boils down to their key feature: generous storage accessed through the lifting of the sleeping platform. Choosing either a divan or ottoman bed gives you extra storage, but unlike divan beds or built-in drawers, ottomans use the entire bed base for storage—they really work hard to both save space and keep your bedroom serene.  

A twin ottoman bed, open on one side to show the storage space beneath. Read our article where we ask are ottoman beds good for your sleep and home?
Twin ottoman beds like this one give you added storage, helping you make the most of your space.

How do they work?

All ottoman beds have hinges that allow you to lift the lid of the bed and access the storage below. The way types of ottoman differ is in how the lifting mechanism works. Some ottoman beds are manual lift, meaning you will need to lift the top of the bed off yourself whenever you need to access the storage. 

Others have a hydraulic lifting system that makes it easy to lift the sleeping platform and access the storage below. The lid is held in place once it is fully open, remaining securely in position while you find your stored items. Once you’re done, the lid will lower slowly, ensuring there’s no risk of your fingers getting caught. 

More advanced beds use an electrical lifting system, which means there’s no need to do any lifting at all—simply open and close using the bed’s controller. 

Adjustable ottoman beds work in the same way as other ottoman beds, but have larger storage areas below. They are also often electrically controlled, which makes these beds extra safe for households with young children and pets. The base of an adjustable ottoman bed is divided into sections, which allows each part to move and adjust to the position you prefer. They can move to a range of sitting and lying positions to give you a better night’s sleep.

You can also choose the position that your bed opens from, the end or the side, to suit your space. For example if the foot of your bed is against the wall, a side-opening mechanism would work best. You will want to leave enough space to comfortably lift the lid and access your things. 

Ottoman bed pros and cons

Just like any bed, ottoman beds have features that are perfect for some, but not for others.  Here are some of the ottoman bed pros and cons to bear in mind when choosing your new bed. 

Ottoman bed advantages

How are ottoman beds good at making your bedroom work for you? Ottoman beds have many plus points, including:

  • They provide a huge amount of hidden storage in what would otherwise be wasted space under the bed. Our 4ft small double bed ottoman beds, for example, have a storage capacity of 215 litres—almost as much as the 300 litre storage space found in the average small car.
  • Unlike storing items loose under the bed, ottoman storage keeps items tidy, out of sight and free from dirt and dust.
  • The need for moving, functional parts means ottoman beds are often very high quality so they can keep performing for years to come. Choosing a good quality bed will also mean that your ottoman won’t break easily. 
  • They come in a range of designs and styles. Our ottoman beds are available in a range of beautiful upholstered fabric options to complement any interior style.
  • Adjustable ottoman beds give you the right support in the position you find most comfortable, while still providing all the storage you need for pillows, bedding, bulky winter coats, and more.

Ottoman bed disadvantages

What is an ottoman bed not so good for? Ottoman bed problems and drawbacks include: 

  • They can be heavy, so you may need an extra delivery driver to help bring it into your home. 
  • Their weight also means it can be tricky to move them to another room or location without another pair of hands to help.
  • Many people wonder if ottoman beds are good for tighter budgets. While they can be more expensive due to clever features such as hydraulic lifting systems, ottomans come in styles to suit a range of budgets. 
  • Although most ottoman beds now have safety features like soft closing hinges to prevent fingers or hands being trapped, there’s still the chance that a child or pet may try to climb into the storage space to explore, and could potentially be shut inside by mistake. If you do have pets or children in the house, it’s a good idea to keep them away from the bed when it’s open. 

Are Ottoman beds comfortable?

Ottoman beds aren’t just great for practical storage, they’re comfortable too thanks to their high quality construction. They come in a range of styles of sizes, so just like with any other bed, you should check that the bed base is comfortable for you and works well with your mattress

While regular ottoman beds are just as comfortable as any other bed, an adjustable ottoman offers more personalised comfort. Effortlessly lift and contour the bed to find the exact position you find comfortable, all while keeping your items stored safely below. 

Are Ottoman beds dangerous?

Modern ottomans have a number of safety features, including the lifting mechanism that carries the weight of the mattress, and means the lid can’t drop down onto your fingers if you let go of it by mistake. An electric or gas-lift hydraulic system helps to make an ottoman bed safe and easy to use, but you should keep fingers, clothing and hair away from the lifting mechanism, as it’s possible for them to become caught in the moving parts. 

Think an Ottoman bed may be what you’re looking for?

If you want a calm, clutter-free bedroom without compromising on comfort, an adjustable ottoman bed could be right for you. Choosing the best bed for you couldn’t be simpler, find out all you need to know about ottoman and other bed styles in our adjustable bed buying guide

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