Adjustable King Size Beds

One of the simplest ways to improve your sleep is to give yourself enough room to stretch out and get comfortable. Although couples can make do with a double bed, a king size bed gives two adults enough space to get good quality sleep.

Our king size adjustable beds are perfect for those who need a bit more space to sleep without disturbing their partner. Our king size beds are available in a range of widths and have a standard length of 6’ 6″. We also offer beds up to 6’ 9″ and 7’ 0″ long. Whatever space you need, we have the perfect bed for you.

All Adjustable King Size Beds

Our king size adjustable beds can move to a range of lying and sitting positions, letting you sleep in the most comfortable position for you. 

A king adjustable bed can even help you manage conditions such as sleep apnoea by allowing you to effortlessly sleep with your upper body raised. Our king size electric beds are available split too, meaning the two sides of the bed can adjust independently. Ideal for couples, this means both you and your partner can sleep in the position that works best for you.

All of our king size adjustable beds are handcrafted to enable you to enjoy the great sleep you deserve. We combine state-of-the-art technology and the finest British materials to build bespoke king size adjustable beds and mattresses for adjustable beds that prioritise your comfort. 

We want you to feel confident you are buying a product that’s a perfect fit for you and your home. That’s why we offer every customer the option to try a bed in your own home, for free.

And because we know that pain and discomfort don’t go away overnight, we also offer an optional home visit every 2 years with any adjustable bed you purchase to see how you’re getting on. It’s completely free too.

Need advice on what type of king size adjustable bed is best for you before purchasing?

Get in touch with a member of our team or take a look at our adjustable bed buying guide.

Looking to purchase a bed to suit a smaller space, or a bed with more space to get comfortable? Discover our single, dual, queen and double adjustable beds, which offer the same exceptional comfort, tailor-made for you. 

King size adjustable bed FAQs

Why choose a king size adjustable bed?

King size beds are ideal for anyone who desires extra space in bed. Whether it’s to accommodate your height, ensure you and your partner have all the space you need, or so you can spread out and find the perfect comfortable sleeping position. Elevate your comfort further with an adjustable king size bed, which will allow you to move between lying and sitting positions with ease.

Does a king size adjustable bed need a special mattress?

You can get the most benefit from our adjustable beds with a specially designed flexible mattress. These mattresses allow the adjustable bed to make proper movements and sufficiently support you in any sleeping position. Our SleepID® Mattress and AirFlow® Orthopaedic Mattress are both available in king size to complement your adjustable bed.

What size sheets does a king size adjustable bed need?

Adjustable mattresses require a little more flexibility and space to recline and elevate, so you may wish to opt for deep-fitting king sized sheets to avoid any corners becoming uncovered as you adjust your bed.