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Riser Recliner Chairs

We understand it can be difficult getting in and out of chairs which is why our easy to use riser recliners can get you into a standing position within moments

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What are you interested in?
What are you interested in?
What are you interested in?
Riser Recliner Chairs
Blenheim Leather
Riser Recliner Chairs
  • Ultimate in relaxation and comfort
  • Includes extra support for hips, waist, shoulder and neck
  • NHC Cyclo-Therapy® massage
  • Optional Rolla-ssage® unit for relaxing concentrated massage
  • Wallhugger® space-saving feature
Riser Recliner Chairs
  • Massage motors with adjustable speeds located in back rest, foot rest, and seat
  • Optional built in NHC Cyclo-Therapy® system
  • Fully reclines and rises in one motion with ease
  • Three choices of back design
Stirling Double Sofa
Riser Recliner Chairs
  • Larger version of Stirling Riser Recliner chair
  • Designed with your comfort and mobility needs in mind
  • Specially designed with a raised seat so that getting in and out of the chair is as easy and stress-free as possible
  • Included two padded headrests for added comform
Stirling Lightweight
Riser Recliner Chairs
  • One of the most conformable riser recliner chairs we've ever designed
  • Designed to fit you perfectly
  • Optional built-in NHC Cyclo-Therapy® 
  • Three choices of back design
Conwy Fabric
Riser Recliner Chairs
  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Fully reclines and rises in one motion with ease.
  • Robust design will help you get in and out of your chair effortlesly.
  • Three choices of back design
Silwood Riser
Riser Recliner Chairs
  • For those who require a little extra support
  • Can support up to 35 stone in weight into full lift position
  • Fully reclines and rises in one motion with ease
  • Its design is timeless and will complement both your lifestyle and home
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Riser Recliner Chairs

For people with health or mobility problems, maintaining independence can be difficult—even getting into, or out of, a chair can become more of a challenge than it should be. Adjustamatic riser recliners can eliminate this problem by helping you to get back into a comfortable standing position.

Is getting into or out of your chair comfortably a struggle? Are you prevented from spending as much time in your chair as you’d like, or even from sleeping in it?

If so, our riser recliner chairs will make a big difference. Each one features expert British craftsmanship and smooth, quiet movement to ensure you remain comfortable no matter what.

NHC Cyclo-Therapy Treatment

Our riser recliners offer unparalleled back support and freedom of movement, with built-in NHC Cyclo-Therapy technology which offers relaxation and aid for various health complaints, including: arthritis; sciatica; stress & anxiety; back pain & spinal disorders; hip pain; varicose veins; night cramp; puffy & swollen ankles; mobility issues & poor blood circulation; and water retention & oedema.

We offer a wide range of riser recliner chairs in a great choice of colours and styles to suit your home, some also offer the Auto Lift function to help you stand. Whatever your budget, our chairs are available at highly competitive prices, and feature a two year warranty for your peace of mind. Each riser recliner is easy to use, allowing you to change your position and activate the NHC Cyclo-Therapy feature at the touch of a button.

Easy Use

Easy operation is a key feature of our riser recliners: within moments, you can move from a relaxing, comfortable position into a standing posture, and vice versa. This can help make life much easier, offering convenience, comfort and hassle-free movement. Our Easy Reach technology allows you to position your chair within a few inches of the nearest wall, as the back moves away from it—rather than into it—when reclined, unlike standard reclining seats.

If you would like more information please give us a free call on 0808 301 7056 or you can Request a Call Back using the form at the top of the page.

Relaxing on your terms

How the right chair, custom to your needs will aid and revitalise you.