Who is a riser recliner chair suitable for?

You may benefit from a riser recliner chair for mobility or health reasons, or you may simply enjoy leaning back and putting your feet up at the end of a long day. There are lots of different models out there, so it’s worth taking the time to choose the best chair for your needs.

What is a riser recliner chair? 

Riser recliner chairs help people to easily recline, stand up and sit down in their chair. They generally feature a reclining backrest, rising leg rest and a seat base that rises or tilts to help you out of the chair. For this reason they are popular with people who struggle to get in and out of a chair unaided, and those who want more independence at home. 

They’re also becoming increasingly popular for those wanting to relax in a comfortable position and not suffer with the niggling ailments that crop up due to poor posture. 

What is a riser recliner chair good for?

You are very likely to benefit from a riser recliner chair if you need help getting out of your chair, or if you need to elevate your legs while sitting due to a medical condition. However, if you spend long periods sitting in the same chair, you could benefit from a riser recliner chair too. 

1. Back pain

Riser recliner chairs can help with back pain caused by a range of medical conditions. The shape of the chairs means they follow the natural shape of your lower spine to encourage good posture and minimise strain on your neck, shoulders and back. They are also made to fit your measurements, meaning you get the best support possible. Some models offer the ability to support your body to recline in a neutral spine position (it’s natural ‘S’ curve shape), which helps to relieve pressure on your back. 

Because riser recliner chairs make it easier to move from a sitting position to a standing position, they reduce the risk of pain or injury too. 

2. Chronic pain 

For those suffering from chronic pain, shifting position regularly is useful for keeping pain at bay. Standard riser recliner chairs enable a greater range of motion while seated, and let you take the weight off of painful areas as needed. In-built massage features can also help to relieve pain from arthritis, sciatica and muscle spasms.

3. Poor circulation

Poor circulation can be caused by a wide range of conditions, including diabetes, atherosclerosis and Raynaud’s. Massage can help to stimulate circulation, and because many riser recliners have built-in massage functions, they can help you to manage the symptoms of poor circulation at home. The ability of riser recliner chairs to elevate your feet can also help to improve poor circulation and reduce swelling in your legs. 

4. Lifestyle benefits

Being able to easily and safely get up out of your chair, and sit back down again, removes many barriers to living comfortably at home. There’s nothing preventing you or your loved one from getting up to make a quick cup of tea, and you can sit comfortably to enjoy it afterwards too. 

Research also shows that getting up and moving around regularly helps to improve back pain. Being able to get in and out of your chair easily facilitates this regular, healthy movement. 

Riser recliners offer support and comfort to those without particular medical concerns. If you’ve ever suffered from a sore back after an evening sunk into a too-soft sofa, you may benefit from a more supportive seat to relax in. Riser recliner chairs let you relax comfortably, even if you sit for extended periods. 

What features will you find in a riser recliner chair?

Pressure relief 

If you spend long periods of time sat down, as many of us do, you will want to consider pressure relief features to prevent this leading to pain or discomfort. Look out for gel or memory-foam pads and cushions in the seat and footrests. Memory-foam will mould to your body and reduce the build-up of pressure points. 

Full-recline and neutral posture features

Some models offer additional positions and pre-sets, including the option to lay fully reclined. Although riser recliner chairs aren’t designed for sleeping in for long periods, models that offer more reclined positions allow you to lay and nap in perfect comfort. If you or a loved one regularly sleeps in a chair due to difficulty getting in and out of bed, then you may benefit from an orthopedic adjustable bed too. 

Some offer zero-gravity or ‘neutral’ positions too. In this position, the chair’s footrest is raised and the backrest is reclined. This position reduces the strain on your back, promotes better blood circulation and can reduce pain symptoms. 

Massage therapy 

Some riser recliners come with built-in massage technology such as our Stirling riser recliner chair which can help to tackle pain and improve circulation. The technology used varies, however Adjustamatic’s own NHC Cyclo-Therapy® employs a three-way technique that rotates and pulsates from the centre of the device in a whirlpool motion. Unlike other massage systems that use ‘to and fro’ movements – the whirlpool motion is a non-invasive form of treatment. 

Different models offer various massage settings, so you’ll need to decide if you want your chair to be able to provide a gentle or more vigorous, targeted massage, or both. 

Battery back up

Many models have a battery back-up that will let you move back to a neutral or standing position in the event of a power cut. This means you won’t be left stuck in a reclined position if the mains power fails while you’re relaxing in your chair. 

Chair arms

If you find it difficult to stand up from sitting, you probably put a lot of your weight on your arms when trying to stand. Many riser recliner chairs offer the option of adding wooden ends, or ‘knuckles, to the armrests. This can make standing and sitting easier, as they offer a more secure grip than a cushioned arm. 

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