How a riser recliner chair works

All riser recliner seats work on the same principle: at the press of a button, they slowly raise you up into a standing position. The seats can also be set to lean forward as they rise to make getting out of the chair easier. While seated, you can then click a button to make the whole chair gently tip back.

What is a riser recliner chair?

riser recliner chair is a specialist seating solution, designed to help users get into and out of a sitting position with ease. These products offer support and freedom of movement for people who find it difficult to sit down or stand up unaided.

Featuring state-of-the-art technology, they have numerous health benefits and can help to promote comfort and relaxation.

Blenheim chair in a standard position
Riser recliner in a standard position
Riser recliner chair with the foot rest raised.
Adjusted to elevate your legs
Riser recliner lifted forwards to help you to your feet.
Gently raised to help you to your feet.

Designed to be simple to use, in just a few moments you can effortlessly move from sitting down to standing up, and vice versa. The seats can also easily be adjusted to change your position for different activities, such as reading, watching TV or sleeping.

Designed to appear just like a standard armchair

Many people are put off buying a riser recliner chair because they think they will be too bulky and unsightly, but this really isn’t the case. In fact, riser recliners are virtually indistinguishable from standard chairs. They come in an array of designs and colours to suit all decors, and the mechanisms are neatly concealed to ensure that they blend in seamlessly with almost any interior. New developments in technology also mean manufacturers have been able to make the operating systems extremely smooth and quiet, so that they won’t disturb your day to day living.

As well as single armchairs, it’s possible to buy double riser recliner sofas that match the style of your riser recliner. This allows you to sit comfortably, while remaining side by side with your partner.

What are the benefits of a riser recliner chair?

If you have restricted movement, there are significant benefits of owning a riser recliner chair.

For example, if you rely on someone else to help you get into and out of your chair on a regular basis, a riser recliner could help you to keep your independence and give your confidence a boost.

Why you might want to buy a reclining chair

While the rising action can help make everyday actions like sitting down more comfortable, the reclining function can be particularly useful for people who

  • spend large chunks of the day sat down
  • or like to sleep in their chair

The reclining feature means you can put your feet up and lie back, receiving sufficient support for your lower back and keeping your weight spread evenly across the seat. If you suffer from leg conditions, the footrest is can help relieve strain and take pressure off the lower part of the body.

On top of that, if you sit down for long periods of time, being able to change your position frequently can also help prevent your legs and back from becoming stiff or sore. Riser recliners come in a variety of sizes as well, from petite riser recliner chairs to as large as grande riser recliner chairs, so there are lots of options to choose from. 

Additional features of riser recliners

Most riser recliner chairs are available with extra features that make them more convenient and enjoyable to use, including:

  • Space-saving features
  • Emergency battery back-up
  • Extra support
  • Multiple motors
  • Wireless controls

For example, our riser recliners are equipped with our EASY REACH® technology, allowing you to position your chair within a few inches of the wall. Unlike standard reclining seats, the back moves away from the wall, rather than towards it. This also helps to keep side tables within easy reach.

Each of our chairs also comes with an Auto Lift system feature that allows the seat to gently raise you to your feet and help you sit back down. This can be especially beneficial for people with mobility problems.

For added peace of mind, all of our products also come with an emergency battery back-up system that can last for several hours, so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in your chair in the event of a power cut.

Enjoy built-in massage therapy

One of the most prominent features of our recliner chairs is our unique NHC Cyclo-Therapy® massage system. Not just an added luxury, this massage technique has been medically proven to offer pain relief from a variety of medical conditions:

  • sciatica
  • oedema
  • arthritis
  • back pain
  • varicose veins
  • poor circulation

…and more.

Rather than using a rough backwards and forwards motion, our Cyclo-Therapy® employs a three-way technique. This means it rotates and pulsates out from the centre in circular movements.

You can easily adjust the settings too. So whether you want a relaxing full body massage, or something a little stronger to alleviate aches and pains, your needs will be catered for. No matter what your level of health, Cyclo-Therapy® will help you feel re-energised and relaxed.

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