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How to improve circulation in legs with a massage chair

HealthPublished on Sun 20th Sep 2020

It is well known that good circulation is essential for a healthy body, but if you have limited mobility it can be difficult to exercise in order to improve circulation.


What is Cyclo-Therapy?

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Massage can help to alleviate some of the symptoms, and, for those who are able, it can also be used in conjunction with exercise to optimise your blood circulation. Massage chairs give you the option of boosting your circulation in the comfort of your own home.

The Cyclo-Massage system built into some of our riser recliner chairs and adjustable beds is registered in the UK as a medical device through the Department of Health.

Its type of vibration is particularly therapeutic because of its circular motion rather than the more hammering effect of other massage systems.

Why do some people have poor circulation?

Age affects circulation, as the heart has to work harder to pump blood through the arteries. This is usually due to atherosclerosis, or the building up of plaque on the inner walls of the arteries from cholesterol and other fats. This leads to a hardening of the arteries.

Atherosclerosis does not just affect older people. In fact, it becomes increasingly common in people once they are in their forties—affecting both men and women.

Other people prone to poor circulation include those with diabetes.

Symptoms of poor circulation include:

  • cramps in the calf muscles
  • numbness
  • cold feet

Massage stimulates the circulation, with the pressure applied helping to move blood through congested areas such as narrowed arteries and veins.  The pressure can also help to move lactic acid out of the muscles, thereby alleviating pain.

Going for a massage can be costly and may be difficult to travel to, so an ideal solution would be to enjoy the benefits of a massage at home, whenever you choose.

Adjustamatic’s NHC Cyclo-Therapy has really helped ease my aches and pains from arthritis. I suffer particularly in my hands and wrists which impacts my ability to play the drums, which has been a long-time passion of mine.

However, since regularly using one of their handheld massagers the aches don’t come on so quickly and I can spend more time on the drums, pain free!

Mr Hewines, from Walsall

How our riser recliner chairs can help improve circulation

With built-in Cyclo-Therapy technology, our riser recliner chairs offer a massage to help improve circulation, all from your own front room.

Each of our chairs also has electric recline facilities, allowing you to raise your legs for additional comfort and relief of symptoms.

The combination of elevated legs and massage can be helpful in treating the discomfort caused by other conditions such as varicose veins.

Choose a riser recliner chair from Adjustamatic

With further benefits of the massage therapy including stress-relief and relaxation, there are many reasons to consider choosing a chair from Adjustamatic.

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Which riser recliner chair is right for me?

Each of our chairs is built specifically for your individual needs and proportions, for maximum comfort and support.

Our expert assessors will carry out a thorough assessment of your requirements to get a clear understanding of the right chair for you. From vibrating massage systems to cushioned headrests for extra support, our riser recliners for the elderly and those with reduced mobility are designed to back control of your comfort.

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