How to sit on a sofa with lower back pain

You’ve likely experienced back pain at some point in your life. Whether that’s from hunching over a desk or wearing uncomfortable shoes, many everyday activities can cause your back to feel stiff and sore. But did you know that your sofa could also be giving you lower back pain?

Many people are prioritising luxury, deep-cushioned seating that offers a high level of comfort. However, recent research suggests that these types of sofas could be the root cause of postural-related problems. If you suspect that your sumptuous settee is upsetting your spine, discover more advice on how to sit on a sofa with lower back pain.

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What is the problem with a soft sofa?

There’s nothing better than sinking into a cosy sofa at the end of the day, right? But have you ever stopped to think about what it could be doing to your health?

If you experience back pain after lying on your sofa, it’s because the soft upholstery encourages you to lounge — leaving your spine in a ‘C’ shape. This applies excessive pressure on the vertebrae, overstretching the discs, ligaments and muscles that support it, which can lead to chronic backache.

When you consider the amount of time most of us spend sitting down, this can have numerous implications for our health. According to GOV.UK, the average adult in the UK spends over seven hours per day doing sedentary activities. This figure increases to nine hours or more as we get older. With an estimated eight out of ten British people experiencing lower back pain at least once in their lifetime, it may be time to consider if your sofa is right for you.

How to sit on a sofa with lower back pain

To stave off postural problems caused by sitting incorrectly, it’s important to make sure that your neck, shoulders and spine are properly supported.

To reduce the risk of lower back pain as you sit on a sofa, ensure that you:

  • Sit with your knees level with your hips.
  • Keep your thighs parallel to the floor.
  • Make sure your neck and spine are straight.
  • Ensure your lower back is properly supported.
  • Keep both of your feet flat on the floor
  • Try to avoid crossing your legs or lounging with your feet up on the sofa.

It’s best to avoid crossing your legs when you sit on your sofa as this can cause you to adopt an awkward bending posture, leading to stiffness, aches and pain.

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What type of chair is good for back pain?

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