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British Made

All our beds and chairs are crafted in our workshop, based in North Wales

Massage Therapy System

Soothes aches and pains while helping to restore your mobility.

Beds and chairs tailor-made for your comfort

All our adjustable beds and chairs are customised to your needs – meaning your bed is built specifically for you. Get in touch today for your personalised quote.
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Adjustable Beds

Our high quality, British-made orthopaedic adjustable beds come with built-in NHC Cyclo-Therapy® massage technology; designed to reduce pain, promote relaxation and help you get a good night’s sleep.
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Riser Recliner Chairs

We understand it can be difficult getting in and out of chairs. Saving you pain and frustration, our easy-to-use riser recliners can help you into a standing or sitting position effortlessly within moments.
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Lifetime aftercare every 2 years to keep you on track

It’s so important to us that our beds and chairs help make a difference to your health and life. With any bed or chair you purchase from us, we offer a check-up every 2 years to see how you’re doing – free of charge. Because we make it our mission to make you happy and comfortable.
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Why Adjustamatic?

We care about your posture. For over 50 years, we’ve been making adjustable beds and riser recliner chairs in the UK, with an emphasis on providing quality products and long-term customer care. We even offer a free home visit every 18 months to see how you’re getting on.

Our products are used by a range of people with varying levels of disability – and we believe paying attention to each individual’s needs is important, above all else. That’s why we’re registered with the UK Government’s Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority, with a certification of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 .

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2-Year Warranty

Feel supported with a comprehensive guarantee that covers your purchase and your comfort.

Free Home Set-Up

Our full consultation process includes a free home setup to make sure you’re comfortable.

VAT Free

Buying an adjustable bed or riser recliner for your home? You could be eligible for VAT exemption.

Medically Certified

All beds and chairs with our NHC Cyclo-Therapy massage systems built in are classified by the EU as Class IIa medical devices.


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Getting in and out of bed doesn’t need to be a challenge

If you suffer from a physical disability, getting into and out of bed can be a challenge – let alone finding a comfortable sleeping position. We aim to solve that.

How an adjustable bed can help make your life easier

With our adjustable beds, the electrically powered operating system can adjust to a number of different positions to help you find a suitable sleeping position. Our beds can also be raised and lowered to help you to get in and out of bed without experiencing unnecessary discomfort. By doing so you reduce the strain on your body and allow yourself to maintain your independence at home.

Our beds also feature an emergency backup battery system that mean you can still operate the bed if your home has a power cut. Rest at ease knowing you will never need to worry about being unable to adjust your bed without getting up.

Ease your aches and pains to live a fuller life

Arthritis, sciatica, or ‘just back pain’ – no matter the aches and pains you suffer from, it impacts your day. And left untreated, these conditions can really start to impact your everyday life.

We want to see you up, about and enjoying your life to the full. That’s why our adjustable beds, riser recliner chairs and patented vibrating massage technology are designed to help prevent, improve and treat your health.

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See what our customers had to say...

Mr Lunnon |

My Blenheim chair has done a lot for my back and shoulders. I have noticed improvements in my back and I am walking a lot better since I have had my chair.

It has given me a lot of relief off my shoulders, I love that I can put the chair in the position where I get the most relief and stress off my back. I haven’t regretted this purchase, not one bit.

Mr Steele |

My wife and I love our adjustable bed, she feels much better in the morning, puts her in a better and positive mood. I can set up the bed in the right position and it helps us both so much, it helps the circulation in my legs and I can see improvement in myself. The bed helps her condition, elevates her health and de-stresses her; it’s a real good thing to see.

I was surprised that the delivery men were quick on setting the bed up, very helpful, showed us how to use it and they set up the bed to right height for us I never thought we would have a bed that improves our health and wellbeing.

Mr Holland |

The Contour AV Bed I purchased from Adjustamatic has helped me dramatically. I am thrilled with the quality of the bed and the overall service I have received.

Being disabled has meant I have often struggled with finding a comfortable bed – having to rely heavily on cushions and pillows to provide me comfort and support. With the Contour AV Bed, I am able to get in and out of the bed easily as well as finding the best position that provides me the most comfort.

Mrs Roots |

My overall experience of purchasing from Adjustamatic has been marvellous. I am yet to see another company match the service of Adjustamatic. Like any business there has been a few issues but Adjustamatic are professional, polite and prompt in resolving them.

I am in a wheelchair and find the bed to be a haven. The bed has helped my pain and also reduced the soreness I experience due to being wheelchair bound. The Contour AV bed is easy to adjust, and I cannot be happier with the bed and Adjustamatic as a business.

Miss Hampton |

The Adjustamatic brand is something I have become accustomed to, recently replacing an old Adjustamatic bed with a new one, the Royale bed. I suffer from lymphedema and the NHC Cyclo-Therapy massage system has been extremely helpful allowing me to elevate my legs and providing me with a feeling of comfort. I also find the NHC Cyclo-therapy massage system very much relieves the nasty aching feeling I experience from having chronic lymphedema of both legs.

Mrs Johnstone |

I am over the moon with my Heritage Classic Adjustable Bed. It gives me a much better night’s sleep than I had previously as it’s so comfortable and allows me to sleep in my most natural position. I also suffer from Osteoarthritis, so the breathable Orthopaedic Mattress helps relieve the pressure on the parts of my body that give me aches and pains.

Mr Brown |

It has been nearly a week since me and my wife had the Adjustamatic Heritage Classic Bed delivered and the whole process has been easy and completely stress-free. The sales agent Dermot was a great representative for Adjustamatic, taking his time with us and giving us the space to make our own decision. Furthermore, the two gentlemen who delivered the bed were also fantastic, leaving the bedroom spotless once they had set everything up.

Miss Byer |

I find the Adjustamatic Heritage Classic Adjustable Bed to be nice and comfortable. The incliner feature also allows me to find a position I find most beneficial for improving my blood circulation and arthritis. Whilst I am yet to use the massage feature, I am sure that once I do, I will notice even further benefits.

Mr Green |

I have been very happy with my Adjustamatic Majestic Adjustable Bed. I find it nice and comfortable and since using it I have started to drift off to sleep a lot quicker. The incliner function on the bed is also easily adjusted to suit a sleeping position most comfortable for me.

Miss Tweddle |

The Adjustamatic Heritage Orthopaedic Adjustable Bed is a product that I am very confident will continue to help ease my pain and discomfort caused by arthritis.

I used a similar Adjustamatic bed before this one and I am very happy with my purchase of the newer model.

Mr Hewines |

Adjustamatic’s NHC Cyclo-Therapy has really helped ease my aches and pains from arthritis. I suffer particularly in my hands and wrists which impacts my ability to play the drums, which has been a long-time passion of mine.

However, since regularly using one of their handheld massagers the aches don’t come on so quickly and I can spend more time on the drums, pain free!

Georgina Knights |

I have been extremely happy with the entire process and the team from ordering through to delivery. I would rate the Airflow mattress 5 out of 5 stars, not only for comfort but for the overall experience with Adjustamatic.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Adjustamatic Airflow mattress to anyone who is looking for a good night’s sleep, especially if you suffer from aches and pains like me.

Rhoda Scott |

I believe that, because I use my Niagara massage chair 3 times per day and an hour every night while I sleep in my postural Niagara bed the effects of my illnesses are kept at bay. In fact I’ve been using Niagara Therapy since 1974!

I whole heartedly recommend it to everyone, not least for its help to me, but also its proven capabilities. There is nothing else as good on the market anywhere, as far as I know.

Steve Smith |

My new chair is fantastic. I use the cyclo-therapy each day for a few minutes at a time on a variety of settings depending on how I feel. I notice the benefits almost straight away; it really helps me to relax and I’ve started to notice a difference with my breathing, my circulation is improving and I’ve started to notice some definite improvements with my mobility.
Fiona Neville |

I use my chair with the therapy two or three times a day. I use it for both pain relief and for relaxation, plus using it just before I want to go to bed means I sleep so much better than I did before

– it’s fantastic!

Susan Jerome |

I knew that Adjustamatic was a name I could trust to provide me with the right product. We had been very happy with our bed for a number of years and when I needed a riser recliner chair I had no hesitation in calling Adjustamatic! The sales agent that visited was very helpful and informative explaining the best chair for my needs and going through the different fabrics available.

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