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Petite Riser Recliner Chairs

Small or ‘petite’ riser recliner chairs are a common request from our customers. Whether it’s to conserve space in your living room, or just to ensure it’s customised to fit your body shape, we’re always happy to build a petite riser recliner chair that suits your needs. Handcrafted by our team in North Wales, each chair comes in a fabric of your choosing and with zero gravity support built-in.

In our opinion, the Stirling is probably the best petite dual motor riser recliner chair out there at the moment: lightweight and practical, the Stirling also features a dual motor, enabling both head and foot ends to fully rise and recline independently with ease.

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Blenheim Riser Recliner Chair

Available as: Standard Grande Petite

The Blenheim riser recliner leather chair is designed with maximum comfort and mobility in mind. It also comes with a two year guarantee!

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Stirling Lightweight Riser Recliner Chair

Available as: Standard Grande Petite

If you’re looking for a lightweight yet practical armchair, our Stirling riser recliner could be the ideal choice to give you back control of your comfort.

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Which riser recliner chair is right for me?

Each of our chairs is built specifically for your individual needs and proportions, for maximum comfort and support.

Our expert assessors will carry out a thorough assessment of your requirements to get a clear understanding of the right chair for you. From vibrating massage systems to cushioned headrests for extra support, our riser recliners for the elderly and those with reduced mobility are designed to back control of your comfort.

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"I am walking a lot better since I have had my chair"

My Blenheim chair has done a lot for my back and shoulders. I have noticed improvements in my back and I am walking a lot better since I have had my chair.

It has given me a lot of relief off my shoulders, I love that I can put the chair in the position where I get the most relief and stress off my back. I haven’t regretted this purchase, not one bit!

Mr Lunnon, from Hitchin