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Grande Riser Recliner Chairs

Tailor-made for your comfort, we regularly build large or extra large riser riser recliner chairs to match the needs of our customers. Extra wide riser recliner chairs are perfect if you need a little extra seating space to stay comfortable – especially if you find yourself seated for long periods.

No matter the size, each of our large electric riser recliner chairs come with built-in wired controllers to activate their Auto-Lift system. Giving you complete control of your comfort, this feature makes it easier than ever to get up and out of your chair without putting stress on your body. All it takes is the click of a button and your chair will gently lift you from a sitting position to a standing position, or vice versa if you just want to sit down for a rest.

Interested in trying one out for yourself? Explore our range below and get in touch today for your personalised quote.

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Silwood Riser Recliner Chair

Available as: Grande

Ergonomically designed for added support, the Silwood riser recliner chair offers comfort and stability while supporting up to 35 stone in weight.

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Blenheim Riser Recliner Chair

Available as: Standard Grande Petite

The Blenheim riser recliner leather chair is designed with maximum comfort and mobility in mind. It also comes with a two year guarantee!

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Stirling Lightweight Riser Recliner Chair

Available as: Standard Grande Petite

If you’re looking for a lightweight yet practical armchair, our Stirling riser recliner could be the ideal choice to give you back control of your comfort.

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Which riser recliner chair is right for me?

From considering which type and size of riser recliner chair is best for you, to key features you should keep an eye out for, we're here to make you feel comfortable and in control.

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Ascot Riser Recliner Chair

Available as: Standard Grande

With its unique ‘Lateral Hug’ back design, the Ascot comfortably supports your hips and hug the base of your back for increased comfort and improved posture.

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Which riser recliner chair is right for me?

Thinking of purchasing a riser recliner, but unsure of where to start? Don’t worry, our riser recliner buying guide is here to help you find a chair that’s right for you.

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"I am walking a lot better since I have had my chair"

My Blenheim chair has done a lot for my back and shoulders. I have noticed improvements in my back and I am walking a lot better since I have had my chair.

It has given me a lot of relief off my shoulders, I love that I can put the chair in the position where I get the most relief and stress off my back. I haven’t regretted this purchase, not one bit!

Mr Lunnon, from Hitchin