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Contour AV Adjustable Bed

  • The most adjustable contouring bed in the UK
  • More position options than any other adjustable bed on the market
  • Features convenient Easy-Reach® system
  • Memory function which will store your 4 prefered bed positions
  • Battery backup ensures the bed can still be moved to a desired position if the mains power fails

The Contour AV adjustable bed offers an unsurpassed level of comfort and convenience. Unlike standard adjustable beds, this superb product includes five control motors to offer a wide range of positions, including high and low settings, full seated sit-up, back and feet elevation and anti-snore.

Packed full of innovative technology, the bed has been specially designed to provide relief from daily aches and pains and promote relaxation for a superior sleeping experience and improved health. As well as being highly practical, the Contour AV adjustable bed is incredibly stylish and will make an attractive addition to your home.

For added convenience, the bed features our Easy Reach® function, which ensures the headboard stays close to your bedside table at all times. It also includes back lit functionality so you can operate the adjustable controls in the dark, positional memory technology which stores your top four positions, battery backup power and a multi-zone mattress which spreads your body’s weight evenly across the bed for a better night’s rest.

A Contour AV bed meant Mr Holland no longer had to rely on cushions for comfort and support

The Contour AV Bed I purchased from Adjustamatic has helped me dramatically. I am thrilled with the quality of the bed and the overall service I have received. Being disabled has meant I have often struggled with finding a comfortable bed – having to rely heavily on cushions and pillows to provide me comfort and support. With the Contour AV Bed, I am able to get in and out of the bed easily as well as finding the best position that provides me the most comfort.

– Mr Holland, from Sterchford

Mrs Roots was impressed with the level of service she received

My overall experience of purchasing from Adjustamatic has been marvellous. I am yet to see another company match the service of Adjustamatic. Like any business there has been a few issues but Adjustamatic are professional, polite and prompt in resolving them.

The delivery of my bed was delayed due to a fire in their factory this meant they had to remake my Contour AV Adjustable Bed. Adjustamatic ensured I was aware of the progress of my delivery and I received a bouquet of flowers the next day as an apology!

They do not make excuses, they own up to their mistakes and duly improve. As well as the after sales service which ensured myself and my husband have no issues with the bed for example replacing the gliders with wheels to make it easier for us to move.

I am in a wheelchair and find the bed to be a haven. The bed has helped my pain and also reduced the soreness I experience due to being wheelchair bound. The Contour AV bed is easy to adjust, and I cannot be happier with the bed and Adjustamatic as a business.

– Mrs Roots, from Horsham

Want more information about our Contour AV adjustable bed?

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Height (including mattress)22.5"
Clearance from floor51/2".
Mattress thickness6"
Mattress gradesMulti-zone reflexion, medical design memory foam.
Wallhugger®This action draws the entire upper bed towards the headboard as the head of the bed rises.
Guarantee2 years.
Lifting weight50 stone.
ExtrasHand controller: Wired (on charge) and wireless controls
Memory positions: M2, M3, M4 3 x pre-set and programmable position settings.
Battery back up: Yes.
Bed side rail, grab handle and lifting pole available.
Product swatches

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image description Border Linen
image description Cobbled Steel
image description Contemporary Harmnony
image description Contemporary Oyster
image description Elegance Grouse Flecks
image description Panal Stone
image description Plain Steel
image description Royal Oyster

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medically certified
Class IIa
medically certified
medical ailments
Proven to help with
medical ailments
50 years experience
50 Years Experience
Trust Adjustamatic
leading massage
Leading massage
Therapy System
vat free
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2 Year
Comprehensive Warranty
home setup
Home Setup
british made
British Made
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