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You Are Never Too Young For an Orthopaedic Bed

You Are Never Too Young For an Orthopaedic Bed

Many people associate orthopaedic beds with something to look into at retirement age. However, it is never too soon to buy an orthopaedic mattress. Orthopaedic beds are simply beds which provide optimal support for the spine and musculoskeletal system.

Many people do not replace their mattress as often as they should. Experts advise that a mattress should be expected to last around ten years. With time, traditional mattresses tend to lose the strength in the springs and start to sag, sometimes developing lumps and therefore offering less support and possible discomfort to the sleeper. Gradually this can aggravate back problems and other pains. Ideally, an orthopaedic mattress should be purchased earlier in life, before back problems start to appear. This could help to avoid problems arising at a later stage. It is worth noting that back problems are expected to affect around four out of five people in the UK at some time in their life.

Adjustamatic’s orthopaedic beds are also adjustable, which can offer greater comfort when watching TV, reading or enjoying breakfast in bed. They can also provide the ideal support for mums wishing to nurse a baby in bed.

Those suffering from sleep disorders will find the additional support and comfort offered by an orthopaedic bed highly beneficial. The massage therapy system incorporated in the beds can also act as a sleeping aid.

An adjustable bed can also be useful in pregnancy, when many women suffer symptoms such as night cramps, swollen ankles, lower back pain and insomnia. Other common pregnancy ailments, including heartburn and acid reflux, could be alleviated by raising the upper body. Some women find they cannot get comfortable in their usual sleep position during pregnancy, and an orthopaedic bed, with the additional support it offers, is invaluable when having to adopt an unfamiliar sleep position. Adjustamatic offers a contemporary range of orthopaedic beds as well as its Heritage range for a more traditional look.

When you consider that you spend around a quarter of your life in bed, it is worth investing a little in a high quality bed to support your body and enable you to wake up feeling rested and ready to face the day.

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