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Will an ageing population mean a rise in the manufacture of adjustable beds?

Will an ageing population mean a rise in the manufacture of adjustable beds?

We are constantly being reminded that, as a population, we’re getting older. But whilst we’re all forced to accept the inevitability of our advancing years and slowing down, for some businesses it could actually represent an upturn in their fortunes. For manufacturers who produce adjustable beds and other well-living accessories and furniture, the increase in the number of elderly and infirm in the population over the coming years could mean a marked upturn in their productivity and an increase in demand for their products.

A case in point is Midlands-based manufacturer Furmanac, who have recently invested a quarter of a million pounds in new machinery to expand its range of adjustable beds, as well as taking on 20 new employees to cope with increased demand.

Lifestyle choice

But it’s not just the elderly and infirm that has pushed up sales of adjustamatic beds. It seems that adjustable beds have also become a lifestyle choice for younger customers too. Managing director John Hilliard of Furmanac commented that the demand for UK-made items had also grown, meaning that smaller firms face a perhaps more certain future. Exports are still sluggish, so it may be that the home market and a change in interior design trends for bedrooms towards adjustable beds will boost the fortunes of manufacturers based in the UK.

Adjustable beds – a lifestyle choice?

An adjustable bed doesn’t just mean orthopaedic-focused equipment. Reclining beds are now becoming much more popular as people spend time reading and even watching TV while in bed. In such cases, a flat position is both uncomfortable and impractical, while having a mountain of pillows can also be cumbersome. So a bed that adjusts to suit the user’s requirements including providing comfortable back support whilst watching television means that the incorporation of adjustable beds could be a major design feature in bedrooms in the next few years. John Hilliard at Furmanac certainly thinks so, and is quite literally putting his money where his mouth is by investing considerably in his business. This may set a trend for other similar small businesses to do the same.


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