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Why Adjustable Beds Aren’t Just for Hospital

Why Adjustable Beds Aren’t Just for Hospital

They may have been originally designed for use in hospitals, but if you thought that was the only place where you could use adjustable beds, think again.

Whether you are finding it hard to sleep well, or struggling to get in out of bed, or just fancy having somewhere you can read or watch television comfortably, one of these beds could offer the solution you’ve been looking for.

For anyone with limited mobility, an adjustable bed can provide the support and flexibility needed to get a refreshing night’s sleep with no hassle or pain, making your bed somewhere you’ll look forward to going every night.

Adjustable Beds: Feel the Benefits

An adjustable bed provides a number of benefits that make your bed comfortable, user-friendly and safe.

The principle couldn’t be more straightforward – an adjustable bed’s base lifts up at strategic points so that you can lie or sit in different positions while relaxing or slumbering. So it’s easy to fund the position that offers greatest comfort.

You will be able to get in and out of recumbent position a lot more easily than in a regular bed, since you will be lowered down gently – and then up again in the morning so that you are sitting up.

So the chances of getting a really good night’s sleep are increased immeasurably. But that’s not all! Because a bed can be adjusted into a various different positions, the pain of a number of physical problems can be relieved.

These include:

•    Swollen legs
•    Varicose veins
•    Issues with circulation
•    Asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory problems
•    Rheumatism and arthritis
•    Stiffness and general pain, in the shoulders, neck and hips, and in the upper and lower back

Because the bed lets you sleep with the head slightly lifted, breathing becomes easier. And having the knees lifted slightly higher than the heart boosts blood flow to the heart and improves circulation of blood around the body.

Equally, the contoured body position significantly relieves the pressure on the skeletal frame.

As well as sleeping better, you can also enjoy breakfast, watching TV or reading in greater comfort because you can find the best position in which to relax.
Some of these adjustable models even come with massaging and heat functions to help further relieve the discomfort caused by the conditions mentioned above.

Our Adjustable Beds

Our Adjustamatic products cover a range of beds and quality reclining chairs proven to offer pain relief for a variety of aches, pains and medical conditions.

And our Aveon memory foam mattresses help boost circulation by relieving joint and muscle pain while you enjoy a relaxing night’s sleep. Make us your first port of call whether you want an adjustable single bed or king size adjustable beds.

We offer a number of benefits, including:

•    Free delivery and set up
•    A comprehensive warranty
•    Four decades of experience you can trust
•    Class 2a medical certification
•    British made products

Learn more from our website, ask for a free brochure or call us today to speak to a member of our expert team. We won’t even charge you for the call.

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