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Top tips for getting a good night’s sleep

Top tips for getting a good night’s sleep

With March being National Bed Month, as part of our recent British sleep survey* we asked for the nation’s top tips for achieving a good night’s sleep.  We spend around a third of our lives in bed or asleep.  Sleep is fundamental for our general health and wellbeing, without it we can’t function. It’s vitally important that you are in a bed that gives you the right support and comfort.

It would seem that for the majority of those surveyed, getting into a regular routine at bedtime is key to waking bright and refreshed.  56.4% of those surveyed indicated that for them going to bed around the same time each night and getting up at a similar time each day meant they achieved on average a better night’s sleep.

Getting into the routine of creating the right environment for a great night’s sleep is often known as sleep hygiene.  There are also a number of other ways identified by our survey to achieve this.  For example for women, taking a relaxing bath before bed was the second most popular tip whereas for men, it was to exercise in the day to increase the likelihood of some successful shut-eye.

No matter how well we prepare though, for some, aches and pains might prevent them from sleeping well.  Sufferers from conditions including arthritis, hip and back pain and restless leg syndrome are often kept awake because of the uncomfortable pain or discomfort they experience.

At Adjustamatic we are passionate about understanding the links between sleep and health and we continually undertake product and clinical research into the features within our products.
As a consequence of this, part of our design process looks at how the surface materials we use and posture positioning can have an effect on improving sleep and the subsequent health benefits.

An Adjustamatic bed acts like your own personal masseur as you can enjoy the benefits of the unique, built in Cyclo-Therapy massage system.  This deep penetrating, vibration massage therapy is clinically proven to help reduce pain and the associated symptoms of a number of health conditions.

Irving Milson, Managing Director at Adjustamatic says “As the results of our survey show, getting a good night’s sleep where you wake feeling relaxed and refreshed is important and our survey has highlighted many top tips to help you achieve this.  However, for some with ongoing health issues or even for those who want a more comfortable sleeping position, having a comfortable bed is key.

“We have definitely noticed that the market is shifting in terms of its perception of adjustable beds; with them being less seen as something you bought due to medical problem to more of something you buy to prevent a medical issue.  We are sure that by choosing a bed that can provide a gentle and relaxing massage with our unique cycloidal vibration therapy built in, you can really sleep soundly.”

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