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The importance of good sleep posture

Adjustable BedsPublished on Mon 27th Apr 2015

Just as there are good sitting and standing positions, there is also good sleep posture.

Some of us may feel comfortable only in one position, whereas others will choose to sleep in many different positions. Sleep is the time when your body gets a chance to repair itself so sleeping in a comfortable position and allowing your body to do its work is key to a restful night’s sleep.

You often feel it the day afterwards when you’ve not achieved a comfortable night’s sleep. Your body feels stiff and you’re unnecessarily tired. Many factors can contribute to a bad sleep but have you ever considered that your sleeping position could be the biggest contributor?

Research has shown that certain health issues can be linked to sleeping positions.  Your preferred sleeping position could be giving you back and neck pain, stomach pains or contributing to poor breathing.

The effects of lying flat in bed are well acknowledged with pulmonary, cardiovascular, gastro-intestinal, musculoskeletal and psychological status all potentially adversely affected.

Many people think that sleeping on their side is great for preventing neck and back pain, reducing acid or digestive problems. They also think it helps with snoring. But have you ever wondered why you still toss and turn throughout the night? It’s because all your body weight has been pushed to one side causing discomfort. You subconsciously turn to the other to relieve the excess pressure.

The smooth contouring movement of an Adjustamatic bed allows you to accurately change and set your body profile position for maximum comfort and postural health benefits.  Better sleep posture can actually help to release strain on muscles to ease back pain and help to improve breathing for conditions such as sleep apnoea and snoring.

Some back-pain sufferers will pile pillows up. However, that can lead to awkward positions for the neck – leading to stiffness and muscle strains. Adjustamatic beds, however, provide this elevated position without putting extra pressure on the neck.  For those who experience sleep disturbance from snoring, placing your head in an elevated position and sleeping at a slight incline can drastically reducing snoring and the instances of sleep apnoea.

Don’t just dream of a good night’s sleep, take the next step and make it a reality with an Adjustamatic bed.


What is a good sleeping posture?

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I am over the moon with my Heritage Classic Adjustable Bed!

It gives me a much better night’s sleep than I had previously as it’s so comfortable and allows me to sleep in my most natural position.

I also suffer from Osteoarthritis, so the breathable Orthopaedic Mattress helps relieve the pressure on the parts of my body that give me aches and pains.”

Mrs Johnstone, from Sunderland

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