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Sue’s Story

Sue’s Story

“When I first had the bed in August 2013 as recommended, I used the bed, with the Cyclo-Therapy switched on, for about an hour before I got up, again around midday and finally before I settled down for the night.”

“as with the demonstration I had received, the effects were immediate in that my pain level was noticeably reduced. This reduction in pain initially lasted around 3 to 4 hours but the more I used the bed, the longer it lasted.”

“Thanks to the use of the bed and chair not only my physical but also my mental health has improved immensely. My whole life has improved incredibly and I’d hope that others could benefit too. Only the other day, I was also able to enjoy an activity I’d not been able to do for over 8 years, swimming in my local pool. Being able to do this will not only help me lose more weight, but will also increase my self-esteem.

“If this equipment can do this for me, then it could drastically improve the lives of others who use it.”

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