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Signs You Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep

Signs You Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep

It is generally agreed that, as a society, we now get far less sleep than we did 50 years ago. Furthermore, many experts suggest that as many of 40% of people worldwide could be affected by sleep problems each and every year. Some doctors are now looking at prescribing drug treatments to help regulate individuals’ body clocks and in turn ensure that everything from blood pressure to hormone secretion fluctuates naturally based on the time of day.

Others suffer from pseudoinsomnia, a condition in which individuals believe they are not able to sleep when in actuality they are getting a perfectly normal amount of sleep. This condition has recently been examined in far more depth and it has been shown that, in terms of active brain patterns, many suffering from this condition are effectively awake when they sleep rather than being the hypochondriacs they were once thought to be

Whilst being tired is a sure sign that you are not getting enough sleep, there may well be other tell-tale signs too, and those who feel relatively refreshed after a few hours of shut-eye but are still noticing some of these common symptoms may well benefit from reassessing their approach to sleep.


How much sleep you get will affect how hungry you are and what you are hungry for. Therefore, those who are constantly craving fatty or carby foods may well be doing so simply because they are not getting enough rest. If you are overeating and putting on weight, but do not know why, lack of sleep could be a prime cause.


If you are getting more and more forgetful, you might not instantly want to assume that you are losing your marbles. Not only will more sleep help individuals to think more clearly, but the process of sleeping itself is responsible for helping turn short-term memories into long-term, retained knowledge.


If you are struggling to form emotional attachments or have a reduced sex drive, this may be due to excessive tiredness. However, the reverse can also be seen in those not getting the full eight hours a night, and if you find you are highly strung or overly emotional this could also be a sign that you need to change up your sleeping routine.


Lack of sleep is thought to be responsible for all manner of different illnesses and conditions, and can even increase the risk of heart disease, cancer and stroke. However, in the immediate, too little sleep is likely to mean that you are unable to recharge your immune system and that you catch colds far more easily, and struggle to fight them off when they do arrive.

Better Sleep

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, then there is good chance that you need more good quality sleep. Spending a greater amount of time in bed might not necessarily cut it and instead you should look to make every minute in bed count, getting the most restful, deep and peaceful slumber possible. For those who struggle to sleep due to physical complaints, mobility issues or an inability to get comfortable, at Adjustable Beds, we offer the perfect solutions to ensure you will be as comfortable and ready for sleep as possible when you turn out the lights.


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