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A Regular Schedule is Important for a Good Night’s Sleep

A Regular Schedule is Important for a Good Night’s Sleep

Christmas and New Year are all the good reasons why people like to stay up late. Staying up late once in a while is fine, but a regular sleep schedule should be maintained for getting proper rest for the mind and body.

It has also been suggested that sleeping and waking up at the same time each day helps people get good quality sleep. The question that arises is how to maintain a sleep pattern and to keep it on track at all times?

Ms Lisa Artis, the spokesperson for Sleep Council explains “One can program their body by sleeping and waking up at roughly the same hour, each day. This not only helps in maintain the sleep schedule but in getting proper sleep each day. Using adjustable beds with different features can help sleep better.”

The other important thing to take care of is to avoid all stimulants for keeping yourself awake and alert when you have not slept well in the night. These substances such as caffeine, tea, coffee, hurt more than they help and affect your sleep cycle negatively.They reduce your ability to go to sleep well each night, thereby disrupting your sleep schedule further.

Research that was recently published in the European Journal of Nutrition saw that people’s sleep is actually affected by the food and drinks that they consume. This research was carried out by an international team of researchers at the Northumbria University and they say that tart cherry juice is best for getting a good slumber.

Ms Artis also says that although sleeping on time each day is important, avoiding all stimulants is essential too. A hot milky drink is helpful. But most important is that if you still cannot fall asleep, there is no point lying in bed and getting worried about it. The best thing is to get up and do something that shall distract your mind from it. Adjustable beds can help those with physical pains that obstructs good sleep.”

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