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Sleep Quality Affected by Drinking Stimulants

Sleep Quality Affected by Drinking Stimulants

Sleep Council spokesperson Lisa Artis explained that sticking to a regular sleep pattern goes a long way to improve your quality of sleep at night.

Lisa Artis also stated that the most important thing for better quality sleep is to decide on a bedtime for yourself and sticking to it as often as possible. A regular schedule is even better than a lie-in or an early night.

Ms Artis said, “Sticking to a sleep and wake-up schedule each day gets the body programmed to sleep better. Substances that stimulate the mind and body such as caffeine, cola and tea should not be consumed by people who wish to improve their quality of sleep.”

“They should also be avoided if people want their body in a good condition for good quality sleep at night. I think that it is best if these substances can be avoided all day through to overcome the missed hours of sleep in case one has to sleep late and get up early.

Too many stimulants result in a poor night and this gets into a vicious cycle. Using quality beds or mattresses will make sure that you sleep well and it results in deep sleep through the night. ”

Later Lisa Artis said: “These stimulants interfere with the sleep cycle and prevent falling asleep resulting in poor sleep. A hot milky drink instead or an herbal drink can help people fall asleep easier.

If you still cannot fall asleep, there is nothing to worry about it and one should not continue to keep lying down wondering why they are unable to sleep. With flexible positions and massage options, adjustable beds have been medically proven to help individuals sleep better.”

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