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Ottoman-styled adjustable beds recalled by company

Ottoman-styled adjustable beds recalled by company

Over 800 Ottoman styled adjustable beds have been recalled on a voluntary basis by Maple Height based company; Improvements Catalog with the help of CPSC.

It has been advised that the consumers who have bough these specific adjustable beds should stop using it unless they have been instructed otherwise. Additionally, it is not legal to resell products that have been categorized as recalled consumer product and so do not attempt reselling the adjustable bed.

The main complaint that led to the recall of the adjustable bed is that as soon as it is converted from an ottoman into a bed and weight is put on the frame, it tends to collapse. This has proved to be a hazard for the consumers. Though there have been no reports of grievous injury, but the fact that the bed malfunctions, the company has issued for recall on all of the products sold in 2011.

The company spokesman said: “At Improvements Catalog, we are aware of the five complaints or reports of the collapse of the adjustable bed and there have been two cases where the individuals reported minor injuries.”

The product that is being recalled by the company is an ottoman that is on caster, with a metal frame that folds and is equipped with a high density mattress crafted from poly-foam. As per the design, the ottoman is capable of opening into a twin sized adjustable bed but the covers have been sold separately by the company. Originally sold at the Skymall catalogues and the Improvements in 2011, the adjustable beds were made in China while being priced at $150-$190. As per the company issued statement, consumers who bought the ottoman adjustable beds can receive full store credit at the amount that was spent on buying these effective beds.

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