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More Couples Opting to Sleep Apart, Claims New Research

More Couples Opting to Sleep Apart, Claims New Research

New research indicates that couples are increasingly choosing to sleep apart, leading some to speculate that the days of the double bed could even be numbered.

The survey looked at the sleeping habits of 2,000 people and investigated their reasons for slumbering in their own bed.

It found that Scottish couples were most among the most likely in the UK to have separate sleeping arrangements. In Edinburgh, for example, 40% chose to snooze alone.

There were many reasons for this, the main one being stress. Nearly half (49%) cited concerns over money, family life and work likely to keep them wakeful of an evening. Nearly a third, or 30%, said they would spend the night in a different bed to their partner’s because of snoring.

The research, commissioned by a UK bed manufacturer, also revealed that most of us get our best nights’ sleep on a Friday and Saturday (22% and 20% respectively) when the majority don’t have to be at work the following day.

A significant proportion (just over 40%) said a bad night’s sleep left them feeling tetchy. So maybe couples sleep apart so that neither partner has to deal with a grumpy other half the next morning.

(Interestingly, and rather sweetly, however, the majority, or almost 60%, said they didn’t like to bear a grudge for too long, and wouldn’t go to bed after a row – separately or otherwise – without having made up first.)

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