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Maintaining Health in Older Age

Maintaining Health in Older Age

Living comfortably is important for our day-to-day lives; unfortunately, this can become harder the older you become, while in turn becoming more important. You may start thinking about changing your lifestyle choices with small or large alterations to your living arrangements.

Britain’s population is increasing all the time and people are living longer. Although this is a good thing for us, unfortunately it can mean we are having to live with more illnesses due to the extension of our life spans. While you may spend your younger years in a big house with a family, if the children move out and if health declines, decisions may have to be made regarding living arrangements. Keeping a large house functioning may not be as easy or as necessary as it was before. Where you choose to spend your twilight years can depend on many factors, such as personal preference, finances, health and family support.

You may wish to spend your older years either at home living independently or with a carer, who can be a paid worker, friend or family member. Sadly, it may be that your health is poor and the decision may become harder, you may need more hands on care, in a rest home or residential care. Your offspring may have to assist you in making such decisions. If you are an elderly person with health issues, severe or otherwise, looking after yourself and preventing or keeping at bay further problems is something to think about, and living arrangements can have a large impact on this.

Within your home, furniture and chairs for the elderly can play an important role in health care, whether it is to assist in taking you up the stairs, or a specially adapted armchair for elderly people. The type of health problems you are dealing with is also relevant to the type of furniture you may need too. Armchairs for disabled people can also be provided offering further support depending on your needs. Your chair or bed should be easy for you to get in and out of and should not lead to any further health problems or potential accidents.

Maintaining your health in older age can also depend on other factors – loneliness can affect health and well being as being around people can be important for your happiness. Living in a residential home will surround you with others of a similar age, while living with family offers that more personal support. If living alone is too difficult, having a neighbour for company can be helpful or regular visits from family and friends. Of course not everybody has these options and sadly some people do end up slightly isolated in older age, if they are unable to get out and about like they used to.

Considering what you eat can also be beneficial, as well as regular check ups and meetings with your doctor, which will assist with maintaining your health and looking into what assistance you may need, whether living at home or otherwise, independently or with assistance.

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