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Is Your Bed Affecting Your Health?

Is Your Bed Affecting Your Health?

There are many things that could be affecting your quality of sleep. From levels of stress to environmental factors such as noise and light, unless you are relaxed and unwound, and have a peaceful space to sleep in, you may well struggle to get a full night’s sleep.

However, one thing many people overlook when assessing their sleeping habits and environment is the importance of a comfortable and suitable bed. In turn, many people sleep on beds that are too small, too uncomfortable or too impractical, and their sleep suffers as a direct result.

On the surface, this may not seem like all that big of a deal, but a lack of sleep or poor quality slumber can lead to a whole host of health problems, exacerbating diabetes, increasing chances of obesity, promoting heart disease and even affecting memory. Links have also been made between a lack of sleep and the likes of cancer, strokes and hypertension.

Therefore, if you are waking up feeling unrefreshed or having barely slept at all, your bed could be playing a major part and in turn seriously damaging your health. Below, we have listed a few considerations when assessing whether or not your bed could be causing you problems.

Comfort levels

If you feel springs digging into you, have a mattress that doesn’t support you enough (or is far too supportive) or even find that you simply fail to get comfortable on a nightly basis, then it is likely that it is time to look for a new bed. When choosing a new bed, don’t just think about the style of the bed, but be certain to pay attention to comfort too, ensuring that the mattress you buy offers you all the support you could need. Adjustable beds are also perfect for those with sleep disorders or with physical conditions that preclude them from finding comfort in a normal bed, and our range of specialist beds will help ensure you can get yourself into the perfect position each and every night. Add to this a memory foam mattress and you will never have to worry about finding that sweet spot in the bed ever again. Such a mattress will reduce pressure on joints making a bed more comfortable and ensuring that turning in the night does not aggravate physical conditions.


Not only should you have a bed that offers plenty of room for you to move in the night, but you may also wish to consider the needs of your partner too. Will one large bed be best to accommodate you both or will it make far more sense to opt for two smaller beds to more effectively adapt to the needs of the individual whilst ensuring that each of you is unlikely to be disturbed by the other during the night.

Therapeutic Options

Finally, you may wish to consider the benefits of our Cyclo-Therapy system. Not only will having a therapeutic bed help improve circulation and reduce aches and pains, but such therapy will also simply relax you prior to sleep to help make sure your mind and body are completely ready to embrace sleep in all its glory.


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