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Improve your sleep with adjustable beds

Improve your sleep with adjustable beds

Sleep’s something many people take for granted. They simply slide into bed, close their eyes and the next thing they know, it’s morning and time to wake up and face the new day. However, if you struggle to nod off, you’ll know exactly how important getting enough shuteye can be.

Whether you have difficulty falling asleep, wake up during the night or find yourself rising too early in the morning, you might feel as though you’re at the end of your tether.

Time to change your bed?

One of the simplest ways to enhance your ability to sleep is by investing in a new and more suitable bed. Luckily, it’s now easier than ever to find top-quality products that can make a real difference.

By taking a look around our website, you might find the ideal adjustable double beds or single beds and our products are medically proven to help ease medical issues and provide relaxation. Our British made goods have the ability to reduce back pain, decrease swelling and tension and ease a range of other ailments, making it easier to fall into a peaceful sleep.

Unique technology

Our unique Cyclo Therapy systems and AVEON pocket sprung mattress assists blood circulation and help you to relax, leaving you ready to face the day ahead. You can take your pick from different settings, including a relaxing sleep-inducing massage.

It’s amazing how much of a difference this technology can make to your overall quality of life, so it’s well worth checking out your options.

Symptoms of insomnia

Simply putting up with sleeplessness indefinitely might not be an option. Your lack of rest might be affecting you in a number of ways. For example, you’re bound to feel tired during the day and this can make it hard to concentrate. Ultimately, this could affect your work and home lives.

Then there’s the irritability to contend with. When you’ve not got enough shuteye, you might find you’re more prone to snapping at your loved ones and colleagues, and this can quickly cause problems.

Insomnia can also take its toll on your appearance. You might find you have dark rings around your eyes and generally aren’t looking your best.

How much sleep do you need?

Everyone’s different when it comes to how much sleep they need, but as a general rule, adults should get an average of seven to nine hours a night. As you get older, it’s normal to find sleep more difficult to maintain, but you still need the same amount.

Find out more

If you think our Adjustamatic Beds might help you get enough shuteye, just take a look around the relevant section of our website or get in touch with our friendly and helpful team by phone or email. With the help of one of our impressive products, you might find nodding off that bit easier.

Other tips

As well as selecting the right beds, you might also want to make changes to your routine. For instance, cutting down on your caffeine intake could help, and taking a warm bath before bed might relax you. Another top tip is to put a couple of drops of lavender oil under your pillow.

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