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Important Things To Consider When Shopping For An Adjustable Bed

Important Things To Consider When Shopping For An Adjustable Bed

It is fair to say that an adjustable bed is not the kind of thing you go out and buy all that often. Therefore, it is also fair to say that making a purchase of this kind can often seem a little bit daunting as you will inevitably have to consider things which you probably haven’t encountered before.

Obviously, we here at Adjustable Beds know more than a thing or two about this field so we feel it is only fair that we should share some of our expertise with you; that way you can make more a more informed decision when the time comes for you to finally make a purchase.

So, without further ado, here are some of the most important things which you would do well to consider when shopping for an adjustable bed:

The size of your adjustable bed is likely to be the first aspect you’ll need to consider. Naturally, this will depend largely on whether you will be sleeping in it alone or with a partner. In size terms, electrically adjustable beds are much the same as ‘normal’ beds; indeed, the standard sizes are: small single (2ft6″ width), single (3ft width), small double (4ft width), double (4ft6″ width), king-size (5ft width) and super king-size (6ft width). If you’re buying a bed that’s for two people then it is worth remembering that a having a bigger bed reduces the chances of you disturbing one another during the night. This is especially important when you get older as the heaviness of your sleep tends to decrease.

Number of Adjustable Points
The actual ‘adjustability’ of an adjustable bed varies. Some will have just a single adjustable point (enabling you to raise your upper body) whilst others will have two points (one for the head and one for the feet). However, if you are looking to really maximise your comfort levels then you may well find a five-point variant to be the most fruitful option as these versatile models enable you to adjust the head, neck, upper body, legs and feet.

Height Adjustability
If you have a carer then you may want to consider a bed that has adjustable height as well as adjustable contours as this type of bed will enable your carer to choose the most suitable height for attending to your needs.

Like standard beds, adjustable bed models are available in a variety of different styles. Indeed, you can opt for a traditional divan-style bed, go for a wooden base with a contemporary feel or even choose a leather model if you prefer. Although you will be buying a bed of this kind principally for its functional capabilities, you’ll still want it to complement the rest of your bedroom decor; therefore you shouldn’t feel obliged to sacrifice on style in any way.

Without doubt, keeping the above aspects in mind will help you to make a far better choice when buying an adjustable electric bed.