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How Your Bed Affects Your Sleep

How Your Bed Affects Your Sleep

Not enough of us get enough hours’ sleep at night, according to The Great British Bedtime Report, issued by The Sleep Council earlier this year. If you find yourself feeling that afternoon slump in work or losing your concentration as the day goes on, then you’re probably one of the majority of Brits who gets less than the recommended six to nine hours per night. There are many reasons why you might not be getting enough shut-eye, with most of us claiming stress and worry to play a major part. However, one of the most common reasons for poor sleep is actually the bed you’re sleeping in. A good quality bed is one of the main cornerstones of good quality sleep.


New bed decisions often come down to what should actually be non-essential factors such as the elegance of the bed frame or the amount of storage space that you can gain. Your first thought when choosing a new bed should be the comfort and support it offers you. Comfort is mostly determined by the mattress you have. Cheap mattresses often tend to use a continuous coil, which can mean you become uncomfortable partway through the night and wake up before the alarm. They are certainly not the best mattress for back pain sufferers because they don’t offer the support needed. What’s more, for those who share a bed (as 78% of those surveyed by The Sleep Council did), every movement by the other person is felt because the continuous coil springs move as a single unit.

The preferred option is a pocket sprung mattress because the springs are located in individual pockets. They are better for those who sleep on their side, as the individual coils absorb more weight, relieving pressure on your spine and leading to more continuous nights’ sleep. Memory foam mattresses or layers are also becoming more and more common. These are especially good for those with joint problems and other pain conditions because they relieve pressure and can be the best type of mattress for arthritis. They are also good for those who share a bed and minimise the amount of movement by your partner that you feel. Our Adjustmatic beds use Aveon mattresses, which are pocket sprung with a layer of memory foam for optimal comfort.


The position in which you sleep can also affect the quality of your sleep, particularly if you have a health condition. Elevating the head and/or legs can be extremely beneficial for those with circulatory problems or those suffering from back pain, with elevated legs relieving pressure off the spine. The curve of your spine and neck is critical for causing or alleviating pain and many people who have suffered for years have found that an adjustable bed can work wonders for them.


If you’re suffering from pain or stress, then a therapy bed might be the best choice for you. No more having to pester your partner for a massage – the bed does it for you!

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