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How to future proof your retirement

How to future proof your retirement

The Office for National Statistics this week released an interactive map showing how populations will age in different parts of the country.  By 2037, almost 10 per cent of people in West Dorset, North Norfolk, East Devon and East Dorset will be over 85.*

Minister for Pensions Steve Webb said: ‘These figures really bring home how important it is to plan ahead for retirement. Many millions of us will be spending around a third of our lives or more in retirement in the future.”

For many, retirement enables them to pursue many of the things they enjoy; travelling to new and exciting destinations, enjoying their hobbies, learning a new skill or simply spending more time with their family.

However, have we thought how our mobility might impact our ability to enjoy our retirement to the full? 

As we get older, health issues that affect our well-being and mobility can have a real impact on our independence.  Aches and pains from conditions including arthritis, poor circulation and back pain can have a real impact on our lives. 

Have you considered though how investing in adjustable furniture could enable you to retain your domestic independence for longer and how it could in fact be beneficial for your health?

We all know how we feel after a great night’s sleep and a comfortable bed is one of the main cornerstones of achieving a sound slumber.  At the press of a button, an adjustable bed can be adjusted to a number of different positions. Using simple and intuitive controls, you can manipulate the ends of the bed to elevate your upper body, legs or both.  Another benefit is the fact that it can make it easier to get into and out of bed.

At the push of a button, you can bring yourself up to a sitting position. This takes much of the strain off your joints and muscles. If have limited mobility, this could be especially important as it can help to increase your independence and boost your confidence.

Alternatively, a riser recliner chair is a specialist seating solution that’s designed to help users get into and out of a sitting position with ease. These products offer added support and freedom of movement for people who suffer from debilitating health conditions and who find it difficult to sit down or stand up unaided.

Featuring state of the art technology, they have numerous health benefits and can help to promote comfort and relaxation.

The unique Cyclo-Therapy system found in our beds and chairs is actually helping those with pain from conditions including arthritis, oedema and sciatica treat themselves in their own homes, enabling them a credible-drug free alternative for pain management. 

To date, Adjustamatic has helped over 85,000 people to sleep better and to feel healthier through our range of therapy products found in our adjustable beds and chairs.

So, as many of us actively look forward to a long and fulfilling retirement, it might well be time to consider future proofing your independent lifestyle with mobility furniture that can actively support your mobility and sense of health and well-being.


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