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How to choose an Adjustable Bed

How to choose an Adjustable Bed

Whether you have mobility concerns or simply wish to have therapeutic massage options to increase blood flow and help you drift off to sleep naturally, choosing the right adjustable bed for your needs will be very important. For some, it will all be about finding a more comfortable sleeping position and for others purchasing such a bed is all about making sure that the act of getting in and out of bed is not overly problematic; knowing how to choose a bed accordingly may be extremely important to ensure you end up with the most appropriate solution.

Here at Adjustable Beds, we have a wide range of different sleeping solutions to ensure that any needs and tastes are perfectly catered for, and all our beds feature a unique Cyclo-Therapy system which helps to promote blood flow, aid total relaxation and ease aches and pains. As such, when you buy from us you know you will be getting a quality product which will help you get the very best sleep, and the considerations you need to make will be reduced accordingly. Still, before you buy, be sure to think about the following:

Single or Double?

Just because you want to get an adjustable bed, it may not mean that your partner wants one too. Not only might buying separate beds ensure that you can both have the most appropriate sleeping solution for each of you, but sleeping in separate beds may also ensure that you do not disturb each other in the night.

As we get older, the quality and depth of our sleep tends to decrease and so removing disturbances and increasing comfort is likely to be even more important in one’s later years. Therefore, whether you choose to opt for separate beds or just one for you both to enjoy, make sure there is plenty of space for you to move without being disturbed or without you disturbing your partner.


From how the bed operates to how many points on the bed are adjustable, there will be many different aspects to consider when choosing between different models. Whilst some will have single adjustable points, others could have many, and knowing whether you want your bed to aid the process of getting in or out of bed or to completely change the way in which you sleep will be extremely important before you make a final choice.

If you need a bed that is designed specifically to aid mobility issues or you will have a carer helping you, you will need to choose a mobility bed of the right height accordingly.


Whilst adjustable beds are more about practicality than they are about aesthetics, there is no reason to  choose a bed that doesn’t fit in with your current interior design. Take the time to view the different styles on offer to see which will best complement your current space.

Should you have any more concerns, we will be on hand to answer any of your questions and ensure that from the frame itself to the mattress you will sleep on, every aspect of the bed you choose is perfect for your own unique requirements.