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How Memory Foam Mattresses Work

How Memory Foam Mattresses Work

In recent years, memory foam mattresses have transformed the level of comfort available to sleepers.  The foam reacts with the body’s heat, softening and forming a shape around the contours of the sleeper. The cells of the foam have holes in them, which allows the pressure placed on them to spread to other cells, thereby distributing the pressure more evenly. When the sleeper gets up and the mattress becomes cool again, the foam returns to a firmer state. This is all part of its heat sensitive rebound quality, or visco-elasticity.

The science behind it might take you back to your school days and to Newton’s third law, which states that to every action there will be an equal and opposite reaction. This means that the pressure you put on a bed when you lie on it is matched by the pressure which the bed pushes back on you. This can result in pressure points on key areas of the body. For people sleeping on their sides these are the shoulders and hips. Those who sleep on their front have the pressure point on the neck and for back sleepers it is the lower back which is at risk. This is why people who are unable to change position easily in bed are prone to developing pressure sores on the parts of their body where most weight is placed.

A more even distribution of your weight helps to reduce the impact of these pressure points, and memory foam can do just this.  In fact memory foam was developed by NASA in the 1970s to help reduce the pressure on astronauts during take-off. From its origins in the space race, memory foam next went on to be used in hospitals, before becoming more widely available for home use during the 1990s.

The Airflow® mattress combines the best of mattress technology, constructed of a thick layer of memory foam over a central pocket sprung core. This optimises comfort and support for the sleeper. Additionally, all mattresses from Adjustamatic use the Cyclo-Massage system, enhancing your comfort still further through the relief of tension and pain.

Adjustamatic will happily demonstrate the technology in the comfort of your own home and once you have tried memory foam, you will not miss your traditional mattress.