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How Cyclo-Therapy can Help Relieve Pain

How Cyclo-Therapy can Help Relieve Pain

Muscles and joints are easy to damage and can be affected by a range of different conditions and problems. One of the most effective ways to target and ease pains within the body is through massage. Gently stimulating the affected area can increase blood flow to it and cause an increase in the body’s pain threshold. Visiting a physiotherapist or professional masseuse on a regular basis can quickly become very expensive, so what is the solution?

Electric adjustable beds and riser recliner chairs provide massage therapy designed to reduce pain and problems within the body. It is important to remember that poor quality massages can actually exacerbate painful areas, so all equipment should be medically approved.

Adjustamatic Beds’ range of massage furniture uses innovative Cyclo-Therapy Technology. The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency has medically approved the system to Class 2a, so individuals are able to buy with confidence.

The technology has been clinically tested and is proven to provide relief from a variety of conditions. Cyclo-Therapy Technology differs in respect of what is included in other massage furniture as it offers a more sensitive and effective experience. Other furniture simply hammers the muscles and joints, which is, at best, ineffective and can actually cause more damage. Cyclo-Therapy uses multi directional rotating motion to provide hip pain relief that penetrates and soothes muscles. It provides effective vibration therapy to stimulate improved blood circulation and complete the full massage experience.

The furniture is able to deliver a gentle or vigorous a massage, as desired and can easily soothe and relax individuals into a deep sleep. The bed’s position can be adjusted electronically, thus helping the individual to find their most comfortable position with the greatest of simplicity.

Adjustamatic Beds’ chairs and beds are not intended just for those with conditions such as arthritis, sciatica or varicose veins. They are designed to be used by anyone, of any age, to enjoy a relaxing massage whenever required. These relaxation products help to reduce stress and eliminate sleep conditions.