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How Adjustable Beds Can Relieve Back Pain

How Adjustable Beds Can Relieve Back Pain

Whether it is as a result of pregnancy, a persistent medical condition or a sudden injury, back pain can make life hell. Persistent pain makes it difficult to find a comfortable position to sit, walk or lie in and can prevent you from exercising or sleeping properly. This can, in turn, affect relationships, job prospects and general happiness.

It is clear you need to do everything you can to learn how to relieve back pain. Many factors can cause it, but long-term pain frequently develops because of poor posture or problems with the nerves and ligaments between the vertebrae. Short-term pain can be caused by sudden strains resulting from falls and heavy lifting caused by using poor technique, for example.

Stretching the back regularly may provide some spinal pain relief. This gives the muscles a good workout and ensures they retain their strength. Exercise and walking does this naturally, to some extent, but be careful not to do anything that causes pain in your back.

The bed you sleep on also plays a pivotal role in causing back pain. Sleeping on a poor quality mattress, for example, might exacerbate the symptoms and can even be the root cause of problems. Your mattress should be comfortable and provide the support required while sleeping.

Experimenting with sleeping in different positions is well worth trying. Many people struggle to change how they sleep, because they either find it impossible to relax and drift off or unconsciously return to the problem position when they fall asleep. An adjustable bed can be positioned to be comfortable, but also force the body to sleep in an alternative, healthier position. This makes finding a suitable position to sit or lie in far easier.

The relaxation products marketed by Adjustamatic Beds play an active role in back pain treatment. They are also designed to provide a deep and effective massage that increases the pain threshold and soothes aching muscles and tendons. This can have wide-ranging positive consequences, teaching you how to sleep better and enjoy feeling happier.