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How Adjustable Beds Can Help You Sleep

How Adjustable Beds Can Help You Sleep

If you have trouble sleeping, an adjustable bed could transform your life, enabling you to enjoy improved sleep and wake up with less pain and more energy.

An estimated 80% of people in the UK will suffer from back problems at some stage in their life.  Electric beds enable you to find a more comfortable sleeping position, raising your upper body or legs, or both, to the level you require. Adjustments can be made at the touch of a button. Sleeping with an inclined upper body can help a number of conditions including respiratory problems, as well as heartburn and acid reflux. Elevating your legs can help with oedema and poor circulation.

If one partner is significantly heavier than the other then they can benefit from an adjustable bed.  Both the king size and queen size come in split beds, allowing a couple to sleep close together yet also providing the ability to choose their own individual bed positions for optimal comfort.

All Adjustamatic beds incorporate the Cyclo-Massage technology, offering varying depths of massage according to your needs. A lighter massage will promote relaxation and relieve tension, and can help those who suffer from insomnia, while a deeper massage option can penetrate through to muscle tissue to alleviate pain. The massage technology has been developed in the UK over a number of years and is registered as medical equipment under the MRHA, an agency of the Department of Health.  Some massage products from other companies have more of a pounding movement and the vibration can actually cause stress to the muscles, whereas the three dimensional cyclical motion of the Cyclo-Massage has a therapeutic, soothing effect.

Choose from the Heritage bed range for a traditional look, or for something more contemporary, opt for an Elite bed.  Both ranges include the Aveon memory foam mattress, combining the support of a pocket-spring core with the comfort of memory foam.

If you need help to sleep more soundly, it is worth considering a demonstration of the adjustable bed technology in your home, so that you can see for yourself the difference it could make to your life.  You need never lose another night’s sleep over the state of your bed.

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