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Help to reduce the likelihood of night cramps

Help to reduce the likelihood of night cramps

Cramps which occur through the night can cause excruciating pain. These take place when a muscle contracts too hard, most likely in the calf or the small muscles within the foot. This contraction causes the muscle to spasm and the cramp pain can typically last for a few seconds to a few minutes. If cramps occur frequently, there are certain treatments to consider which may help;

Consider your diet

Low levels of potassium, calcium and magnesium is the cause for the majority of muscle cramps. Bananas are a rich source of potassium so eating these could help. Calcium is found in items such as green vegetables, dairy products, seeds and nuts where as magnesium is contained in green vegetables, seeds, nuts and dark chocolate. Make sure you include more of these minerals in your diet.

Stretching exercises

Try to stretch out the muscle affected by the cramps around three times a day, the last time just before you go to bed. If this helps to ease the cramps then try reducing the exercises to once or twice a day to see if the cramps hold off.

Adjustable beds

Medical research has proven that the use of an adjustable bed can ease the pain of night cramps. The flexibility of Adjustable beds allows sufferers to easily adjust and change their position frequently to help reduce night cramps and stiffness. The in-built massage therapy system, for both the beds and chairs, gently massages the affected muscles and provides significant pain relief.

Posture of your legs when in bed

Positions which prevent the calf muscles from contracting when you are sleeping could help reduce the chances of having night cramps. Try keeping the covers loose at the bottom of the bed so that your feet are not constricted in a certain position. You could also try lying on your back and propping your feet up with a pillow.