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Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is so important for our physical and mental wellbeing. It is the time when your body recoups its energy and prepares for the day ahead, and a lack of sleep can lead to poor decision-making, confusion, bad moods and even weight gain, as well as serious health conditions including heart disease, diabetes and stroke in those suffering from long-term sleep deprivation. Although each individual is different, the NHS recommend that adults need between six and nine hours sleep every night, yet a new report by The Sleep Council earlier this year revealed that a third of us only get between five and six hours, while 70% sleep for less than seven hours.

Half of the 5,000 surveyed said that it was stress or worry that was preventing them from sleeping at night, and in today’s economic climate, this is hardly surprising news, particularly when the report also revealed that high earners in the £65-75,000 bracket get the best sleep.

Jessica Alexander from The Sleep Council reiterated the importance of a good night’s sleep, saying: “Sleeping well is as crucial to our health and wellbeing as eating a healthy diet or exercising regularly. But while we’re frequently exposed to government campaigns that encourage us to eat ‘Five a Day’, ‘Live Well’ or ‘Change4Life’, the nation’s sleeping habits are largely ignored. We want to see sleep moved up the political agenda and a public information campaign launched to encourage people to understand the importance of good sleep and how to achieve it.”

So, how exactly do you achieve a good sleep? The most important place to start is by making sure you have a good bed, something which The Sleep Council recognise. They also recommend changing your bed every seven years in order to keep it healthy and comfortable. Many people find that our Adjustmatic beds are the key to them getting a good night’s rest. The Cyclo-massage Therapy can help to relieve stress, as well as joint pain caused from arthritis, which can help to relax you before sleep. In addition, the Aveon memory foam mattress is a great mattress for back pain as well as overall comfort. The high quality memory foam relieves pressure points and spreads the body’s weight evenly over the mattress, while the highly durable pocket springs offer maximum durability and comfort.

Some light exercise before bed, such as yoga or walking, can also help to improve sleep because it allows the body to release stress and tension without becoming overstimulated (as with more vigorous forms of exercise). Those who exercise regularly during the day also experienced better sleep, according to the survey, and were less likely to take medication.

Jessica Alexander added: “What’s clear is that one of the best ways to improve sleep is simply to take more exercise. For many of us, that plus a sensible, regular bedtime and a comfortable bed, are key to sleeping well.”

Jessica also recommends improving ‘sleep hygiene’ by removing stimulating exercising devices such as TVs and laptops.

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