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Sealy Launch Gel-Foam Mattresses for Adjustable Beds

Sealy Launch Gel-Foam Mattresses for Adjustable Beds

Leading bedding manufacturer mattress manufacture Sealy have launched two new lines of gel based memory mattresses under the Posturepedic brand.

The new gel-based mattresses are suitable for standard or adjustable beds and feature a OptiCool foam core. This new technology is considered to be 12 times better than the standard memory foam mattresses that many adjustable beds are currently using. Sealy first showcased the gel-foam mattresses the Las Vegas Market.

These gel-specialty bedding is better known as Optimum and has 5 models that sell anywhere from $1,200 to $3,000 as the bedding has the ability to maintain the best temperature for the body.

The Chief Marketing Officer at Sealy, Jodi Allen said: “One of the most common complaints that we receive is that the memory foam mattress get too hot and it is extremely uncomfortable to sleep like that. Our new range of gel-based mattresses takes away the extra heat from the body, ensuring a more comfortable sleep all through the night.”

Vice president Specialty bedding at Sealy, Mark Delahanty said: “It brings us extreme pleasure to introduce the new line of gel-based mattress as part of the specialty division and we are hopeful that the consumers will be equally enthusiastic about it.

The design and features of these mattresses cater to the demands of adjustable bed and standard bed owners while it meets the evolving needs of the consumers.

The gel-memory foam is one of the most supporting mattress and takes away all of the pressure from the body while being introduced at a competitive price.”

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