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Four Fingers and Thirteen Toes

Four Fingers and Thirteen Toes

We recently stumbled across a blog post by Rosaleen Moriarty Simmonds, author of “Four Fingers and Thirteen Toes” and presenter on TV and radio. In her blog post she describes the demonstration of an adjustable bed by one of our agents, Tony. This was such an entertaining and positive post that we want to share it on our website, Bed Blogging the Adjustable Way

We hope Rosaleen continues enjoy the benefits of our Adjustamatic bed and its built-in cyclo-massage or as she puts it, its “zoop-zoop” antics!

A bit about Rosaleen:

Rosaleen describes herself as a Disabled Woman whose impairment, four limbed phocomelia, was caused by the drug Thalidomide. She formed the RMS Disability Issues Consultancy in 1995 and is committed to her voluntary work with several disability organisations.

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