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Effectively relieve the pain of Spinal Disorders

Effectively relieve the pain of Spinal Disorders

The majority of the population in the UK are affected by neck or back disorders in their lifetime. Spinal disorders are primarily the result of structural or soft tissue injuries and degenerative or hereditary conditions. The following are practical ideas which could help to relieve the symptoms of spinal disorders;


It provides the inside of the body with a natural massage. By changing your mood from unhappy to happy, it can help relieve aches and pains up to 30%.

Eating the correct foods

Sugary and processed foods contain toxins which do not always agree with the body and can contribute to the pain. Cutting out sugar and eating fruits and vegetables can make you feel mentally and physically better. Another possible factor could be dehydration of the body. By slowly increasing the amount of water you drink daily, the pain could be significantly reduced.

Physical activity

Exercise relieves stress and brings balance to your body. Introducing gentle exercise into your weekly routine causes the body to sweat, which is a very effective way to cleanse your body of the bad toxins. If exercise is initially too strenuous on the back, try going to a sauna and then developing a gradual exercise routine from there (even if it’s just walking!).

Getting an adjustable bed

It is proven that getting an adjustable bed or recliner chairs can help to reduce pain and discomfort of spinal disorders. Adjustable beds are easier to get in and out of therefore the reduced movement helps prevent the tension on your spine. Adjustable beds have a built in Cyclo-Massage Therapy system which enhances blood circulation and allows for suppler muscles. Make sure you find an adjustable bed and mattress which are comfy for you.

Relaxing on your terms

How the right chair, custom to your needs will aid and revitalise you.

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