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Do you sell memory foam mattresses?

Do you sell memory foam mattresses?

Airflow® mattresses combines support from a pocket sprung core with a dual layer of Reflexion® Visco Elastic Memory Foam. This is a high density foam that is heat sensitive which slowly moulds to the shape of the body pressing against it. This type of foam also has a fast recovery time returning to its original state once pressure is removed

This combination of technology ensures you get the very best mattress available for use with any adjustable bed. Other benefits include

  • Unique energy-absorbent capability that spreads weight evenly relieving pressure points
  • Heat Sensitive – Memory foam that is softened by your body heat which gently relaxes your muscles and joints
  • A special insulating layer between the pocket springs and the supporting foam designed to keep heat in
  • A high-density foam border that encloses the pocket springs for firm support around the mattress
  • High spring density enhances the body-moulding process of the memory foam which further reduces pressure points, while cushioning vulnerable muscles and joints
  • Compact Pocket Springs in a barrel shaped profile for maximum support that accepts pressure without creating upward force

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