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Dealing with Insomnia

Dealing with Insomnia

Insomnia and trouble sleeping affect many of us – in this modern world many of us are juggling a career, family life and much more, and find it difficult to switch off at night from the jumbled and anxious thoughts of the day. Being able to deal with everyday stresses can be made even more difficult by lack of sleep and our functioning levels can be severely affected.

There are several methods for combating insomnia. You may wish to try clearing your mind while in bed, putting all your worries and anxieties in a box and locking them away for the night, it may be worth trying to remember that now is for sleeping and that you will be able to work things out much better, after a good night’s sleep.

It is worth avoiding doing work in your bedroom or even spending the evening in there – you should try using your bedroom only for sleeping, setting a clear barrier between your active mind and your sleeping one. Relaxing your mind and body before bed can also be beneficial – if you go to bed upset or worked up about anything, or even too excited you may struggle.

Recliner chairs may be useful for relaxing you before bed, as may an adjustable bed with massage facilities. A comfortable space is very important – make sure that your bed is suited to you and that you are happy with the physical surroundings in the room. An adjustable bed may assist so that you can position yourself just right.

Temperature, light and noise are all factors you should consider also – if you are too hot or too cold you may not be able to sleep. A bright room may alert your mind, making you think it is time to be awake, while noise can be very detrimental for an insomniac, but of course it depends on the individual. Earplugs and eye masks can be very helpful in such situations as well as light bedding in summer and thick duvets in winter.

Going to bed at a reasonable time is beneficial – there is little point going to bed at an unrealistic time that is too early for you. If it is still bright outside and there is bustling noise, you may end up just lying there for hours getting worked up. Going to bed when you are tired and ready for sleep will be much more useful.

It may be worth trying to be as busy as possible during day. Do some physical exercise – even just 30 minutes may make all the difference. Eating well may also help, as your body breaks down food while you are asleep. Eating a large meal just before bed may make you sleepy but ultimately may be the very thing that keeps you tossing and turning.

And finally, a hot bath and hot drink before bed can be very effective, though avoiding caffeine or high sugary food and drink should also assist.

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