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What if I’m not happy with my bed/chair?

We have a dedicated customer support team based in our factory in North Wales that will help you deal with any questions or problems you may have from the minute you place an order with us and for the entire life span of your Adjustamatic product, and that’s a long time! Our customer focused ethics […]

Are there choices of headboards available for my adjustable bed?

There are currently 4 headboard design options available which can be covered in one of our available fabrics. Alternatively if you would like to use your current headboard please discuss with our advisor at your free home demonstration so that we can check the measurements and specification

What does Wallhugger mean?

Adjustamatic adjustable beds use state-of-the art technology that puts you at the centre of the bed’s motion. While other adjustable bed bases lift your upper body away from the wall (and away from your bedside table) bases with Wallhugger engineering lift you up while simultaneously gliding you back. That means your favourite book and the […]

How many riser recliner chair fabrics are there?

There are a multitude of fabric options available to suit your home and your current furniture be your needs a clean traditional colour design to the more modern and stand out fabrics. Upon request we can also source fabric to match your current furniture so that you do not have to replace an entire suite

Do you have double adjustable beds that move independently on either side?

All of our adjustable beds are built with independent motors which will enable you adjust the head or foot of the bed to that perfect position to suit you

Do you sell single and double beds?

Our adjustable beds can be purchased in a range of standard sizes as well as being fully customised for your requirements

Do you sell bed sheets with the adjustable bed?

Unfortunately we do not sell bedding for our adjustable beds however most standard bedding will fit your adjustable bed unless you have selected a non-standard bed size, in which case we recommend Victoria Linen.

Can you take my old bed or chair away?

We can take away your old bed or chair which will need to be organised on order of your new product. In some cases there may be a small charge applicable however please discuss with your advisor prior to making your order

Customer Service/Sales – Do I have to buy on the day that your advisor comes?

We are not a high pressure sales company and would not be a member of respected industry trade organisations if we were. Following your free home demonstration you will be left with a price for the product/s suited to your needs. This price is valid up to and including the date of our annual rates […]

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