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Creating a harmonious sleep setup: a couple’s guide

Creating a harmonious sleep setup: a couple’s guide

Are you constantly being woken up by your partner’s tossing and turning, snoring or duvet hogging habits? Do you and your other half have conflicting sleep schedules? When it comes to sharing a bed with someone else, getting a good night’s sleep can sometimes seem like an impossible task. The good news is that there are plenty of simple ways you and your partner can overcome your nighttime troubles without having to sleep in separate beds. If you want to create a harmonious sleep setup, this simple guide will provide you with some top tips.  

Choosing the right size bed

A bed that is too small and cramped can have a negative impact on your quality and quantity of sleep. As a general rule, your bed should be large enough for both of you to have adequate space to stretch out without touching. Most couples find that a queen size bed is spacious enough, especially if you are someone who needs lots of room when you sleep. Of course, the greater the size, the less likely you are to be disturbed by your other half, so if you have the room, it may be worth investing in a king size design. Upgrading to a bigger bed can also prevent you from overheating as you won’t be as affected by your partner’s body heat.

Getting a suitable mattress

Some people like a firm mattress, while others prefer something softer. We all have different preferences, but if you want to bring harmony to the bedroom, it’s important to find a mattress that you both find comfortable. A memory foam mattress could be a good option as it moulds to the shape of your body and can prevent partner disturbance during the night. Try to avoid continuous coil or open coil models, as the springs in these products move together as one unit – meaning you are more likely to sense your partner moving during the night.

Adjustable double beds

Sometimes, couples’ bedtime schedules don’t coincide. Perhaps one of you likes to stay up reading or watching TV, while the other prefers to get an early night. Luckily, there are ways to overcome this problem. For example, some double adjustable double beds can be controlled separately on either side, which means that while one of you is sitting up, the other can be lying down sleeping. By investing in one of these beds, you can continue with your normal routines while retaining intimacy in your relationship.

Anti snoring devices

If your partner’s snoring is keeping you awake, now is the time to take action. Invest in some earplugs or take advantage of anti-snoring devices, such as mouth guards, nasal strips and sprays. Designed to help you breathe more easily at night, these contraptions could boost your chances of enjoying more restful nights.

By following useful tips like these, you and your partner should be able to sleep soundly side by side and you won’t have to resort to creating separate sleeping quarters to catch up on your kip.

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