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Could Sleeping Apart Be Key to Quality Sleep?

Could Sleeping Apart Be Key to Quality Sleep?

Decades ago, sleeping apart was a common thing for many couples. Recent generations have, however, been far more inclined to sleep side by side in a marital bed, finding that such proximity during the night helps their relationship no end. However, over the past few years, things have been shifting again, and more and more couples are once again choosing to sleep apart, either occasionally or on a regular basis.
The reasons for this shift are numerous, with some citing conflicting schedules as the main reason and others simply enjoying the chance to have their own space. Some may find this divide within a relationship to be rather strange, but many discover that not only does sleeping apart improve their relationship, but that it also improves their quality of sleep.

Improving Relationships

Sleeping apart can help bring people closer together for many different reasons. If individuals have different sleeping habits or one has physical problems that leaves them requiring a very specific sleeping environment then opting to sleep separately can bring all manner of benefits, improving quality of sleep and in turn making each person less irritable. Furthermore, by being apart at night, couples may want to make the most of the time they do have together rather than feeling they are constantly in each other’s pockets.
Whilst sleeping apart may once have been a sign that a relationship was in trouble, today experts think that it can actually boost the bond between lovers. If a pair are disturbing each other’s sleep, they will undoubtedly end up resenting each other and the relationship will suffer as a result.

Improving Sleep

Sleeping apart is not just about improving relationships, but also about improving sleep, which can have a positive effect on every other aspect of one’s life. Sleep problems are not uncommon and having someone else next to you is likely to disturb you even more and keep you awake even longer

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