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Can Lack Of Sleep Lower Productivity?

Can Lack Of Sleep Lower Productivity?

If you find yourself nodding off in meetings, staring out the window every couple of minutes and drinking copious amounts of coffee to help you stay awake, it could be that you need to catch up on your sleep. If you’re not getting enough shuteye on a regular basis, your energy and concentration levels are likely to be suffering as a result. We all know that getting a restful night’s slumber is good for our health, but what many people still fail to recognise is the important role it plays in our ability to function properly during the day. So, exactly how much does a lack of sleep affect productivity?


A recent study conducted by scientists at the the University of Cambridge and Rand Europe found that employees who slept for six hours or less per night had a significantly lower work rate than those who got at least seven hours of rest. Surveying more than 21,000 men and women, they found a strong link between a lack of sleep and reduced productivity at work.The findings also showed that people with mental health issues, musculoskeletal problems and financial concerns were less productive.

Another study that found a connection between sleeplessness and lowered productivity was conducted by Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital in 2012. The results showed that the longer someone stayed awake while they were sleep deprived, the more their level of productivity diminished.

How is productivity affected?

Insufficient sleep can affect your ability to function in a number of ways. As well as frequent bouts of sleepiness, you may find it difficult to concentrate, have reduced alertness, lapses in memory, a lack of motivation and feel generally sluggish. Research has also shown that mathematical ability, logical reasoning, judgement and other aspects of metal performance are compromised by a lack of slumber. While not all sleep deprived individuals will experience all of these issues, a lack of sleep generally has a negative impact on productivity and results in a much lower work rate than normal.

What can you do to improve your sleep?

To prevent sleep deprivation from interfering with your daily activities, it’s important to take action to improve your quality and quantity of rest. One way to do this is to try to go to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday. This can help to regulate your internal body clock and keep you more alert during the day. Regular exercise and healthy eating can also help, as can creating a relaxing sleeping environment. To help you nod off, take the time to wind down in the hour before bedtime and avoid activities that will stimulate the brain, such as watching TV.

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