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Brief Rundown Of What To Consider When Buying A Riser Recliner Armchair

Brief Rundown Of What To Consider When Buying A Riser Recliner Armchair

If you are thinking of buying a riser recliner chair then you will no doubt be keen to get the best you can afford.

But how do you go about determining which kind of chair will be best for you?

Well, it is fair to say that we here at Adjustamatic are pretty much the ‘go to guys’ in this field; therefore we thought we would provide you with a brief rundown of the type of things you should be mulling over when selecting a riser recliner armchair for your home.

Read on to find out more!

Number of Seating Positions
The number and variety of seating positions afforded by a recliner is determined by the number of motors the chair has. For instance, whilst a dual motor chair will have a back and footrest which operate independently of one another, a single motor chair will not. This means that, with a single motor chair, the position of the back will always synchronise with the position of the footrest, and vice versa. A dual motor chair on the other hand will allow you to raise your feet and legs while the back remains in an upright position. The smoothness of the mechanism will also have a great bearing on the number of positions which the chair can adjust to. Indeed, a high quality chair with an extremely smooth (and peaceful!) mechanism will provide you with an almost limitless number of recline options.

Size and Capacity
A chair’s height, width and depth are of course important things to consider when determining whether or not it will be suitable for your needs. This aspect should not only be considered for the sake of your comfort, but also to help you understand whether or not the chair in question will be able to safely elevate you to a standing position. You will also need to consider the chair’s maximum weight capacity.

In addition to the functional capability and size of the chair, you will also need to consider how much space it will occupy when it is fully reclined. Knowing this is vitally important as it will allow you to check whether you will have enough space in your chosen room to accommodate it. Choosing where to site your chair is also very important. Some recliner chairs are designed to be positioned in front of walls – so despite ‘reclining’, the seats of these chairs move in a forward motion when the recline facility is in operation. This means that there would need to be space in front of the chair to accommodate it when it’s fully reclined. Other chairs, however, will require significant space behind them to allow you to fully recline.

To learn even more about determining the right recliner for your needs, either take a few moments to explore our pages further or have a chat with one of our customer advisers by calling 0808 278 0668.