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Are Riser Recliner Chairs a Worthwhile Investment?

Are Riser Recliner Chairs a Worthwhile Investment?

If you suffer from chronic back pain or have issues with mobility in general, then you may have looked into the option of a riser recliner chair. As with anything in life, there will be those who say that such an addition to the home is invaluable and those who have found that their own relationship with this type of furniture was not quite what they had hoped for. So how can you tell if a riser recliner chair is worth the investment before you part with your money?

The right chair

Many individuals facing mobility issues can benefit from a riser recliner. In fact, anyone who has had negative experiences with this type of chair may simply have made the wrong choice when purchasing in the first instance.

If a specific chair is not the right size, then undue stress may be put on the body, exacerbating existing symptoms rather than soothing them. For example, chairs that are too high can put extra stress on one’s back, as their feet will not comfortably touch the floor. Likewise, a chair that is too low can also lead to adverse effects.

From how restrictive the seat is to how supportive it is, there will be many things to take into account when buying a riser recliner chair, and so long as thought is paid to every single area of comfort and practicality, this form of seating will very much be worth the investment for anyone who has struggled to find comfort in their own home.


There are many benefits to riser recliners, above and beyond the ease with which they allow people to get in and out of the chair. While their design will indeed facilitate the transition from standing to sitting (and vice versa), the comfort and support they offer to those with physical ailments is often even more important to those using them. As such, they are not merely solutions only for those who have no one to help them up and down, but instead are a vital instrument in relieving pain and reducing the stress placed on the body.

At Adjustamatic, as well as a selection of adjustable beds, we also have a range of riser recliner chairs to suit all needs and a support team on hand to ensure that you will find a product that is perfect for you, both in terms of functionality and in terms of size. A riser recliner will only represent a worthwhile investment if it keeps you fully supported and as comfortable as possible, no matter how long you wish to be seated..

Our products also make use of our special Cyclo-Therapy massage system, a revolutionary massage option which offers many extra health benefits to users. From relaxation to stimulation of blood flow, the benefits are myriad, and not only might those using our riser recliners be spared the discomfort that is normally associated with sitting for prolonged periods, but they may even find that, once they are on their feet again, they feel far better than before they sat down.